9 Holiday Posters for Your Digital Building Directory

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Add Seasonal Cheer to Your Building

The chill in the air signals the holiday season is right around the corner. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s offer a great excuse to put extra effort into decorating lobbies, hallways and offices. Decking out your building does more than create a cheerful, inviting atmosphere for tenants and visitors: it helps to reinforce your brand and strengthen your building’s sense of community. Festive lobbies and common areas help people feel excited, appreciated and more “at home.”  

Digital Holiday Greeting Posters  

Displaying holiday-themed greetings on your digital building directory is a low-effort way to set a cheerful tone. To get you started, we created digital holiday posters that you can display on your TouchSource directory. Current customers can log into the TouchSource Customer Portal and upload these posters via the Image Upload functionality available for the Slideshow capability in your account. TouchSource Spark PX platform users can navigate to the Slideshow module and add posters to their rotation.  

Download the whole series with this Zip file, or copy the images below to your laptop or PC. Images are available in both horizontal and vertical aspects to fit any TouchSource display orientation. 

Have Your Own Posters and Messages to Display? 

Wonderful! Use the Slideshow scheduling features or Image Upload functionality to keep the messaging on your display current. If you need to add Slideshow capability to your static directory or want us to manage your content for you, call us for options. 

Digital Building Directory Cleaning Tips for the Season 

Make sure holiday greetings, directions and information are the only things your digital signs are passing along. Here are helpful cleaning tips and products that we recommend for your TouchSource directories and signage. Special care must be taken to protect your displays—e.g. never directly spray any screen with a cleaning solution. Only use recommended cleaning solutions and products. 

Don’t have a TouchSource Directory? We Can Help 

If you don’t have our directories, we can still help you. Using our beautiful directory software supported by our expert team of designers, you can access powerful features to direct and inspire visitors and tenants. All of our software packages come with solid core directory features, including:  

  • Unlimited listings and content updates 
  • Easy updating and captivating designs 
  • Digital slideshow of images or announcements 
  • Streaming news and multi-day weather icons

If you don’t have a TouchSource digital directory, but you have an existing commercial display, we can send you our media player from which you can run our digital directory software. Our software is effortlessly simple, and operating it takes little training. Your staff can manage content from anywhere, from any laptop or device using our client portal. So, you can keep messaging current whether you’re working from home or at the office.  

This is an effortless and low-cost option to get up and running on TouchSource digital directory software. Call us about adding a TouchSource Media player to your existing commercial display with TouchSource Express.

Get Our 2022 Holiday Poster Collection 

Explore and download our 2022 Holiday Poster collection to help deck out your spaces.

Posters are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations to fit your directory type. Download all of them here.


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