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Contactless Wayfinding

  • Deliver simple, easy to use maps visually and let visitors scan maps to mobile devices
  • Scan the screen to move directions and maps to a user’s mobile device
  • Extend the convenience of your on-site maps with touchless scan-to-mobile interactivity
  • Get insights into what users scan and how they interact with analytics
  • Enable users to find offices, individuals, services, and amenities while maintaining social distancing
  • Reduce staffing effort and costs to provide visitor and guest services

Simple Directions, Great Experience

  • Get people where they’re going faster and with less stress
  • Alleviate the burden for tenants who frequently provide directions to lost visitors
  • Deliver at-a-glance views or interactive views destinations

Consultative Design Services

  • Work with wayfinding experts on your visitor experience goals
  • Gain insights on how to design maps that everyone can understand
  • Discuss design and styling for maps that reflect your brand

Animated Paths | Automated Tenant Location Updates | Branded Designs Directions-on-the-Go | Contactless Wayfinding | Layered 2D or 3D Maps | Station-to-Station Wayfinding | Scan-to-Mobile Maps

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Communicate Easily at a Safe Distance

Wayfinding Services

Collaborative consultation on your property’s needs, your goals, your directory size and your branding deliver stunning and easy-to-use wayfinding that delights visitors. 

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Digital Directories

Get people to their appointments without the need to stop and ask for directions. Choose the right size of directory and provide all the information they need.

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Indoor & Outdoor Kiosks

Choose from a wide variety of elegant, architecturally refined indoor and outdoor kiosks. Our kiosks meet ADA requirements for wheelchair access. 

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Customer Testimonials

TouchSource has been an amazing asset to my building. All the visitors find it extremely helpful. The support team always goes above and beyond to help me.

Megan Weise

We have been a client of TouchSource for many years. They were our “go-to” as we were planning a state of the art directory for our newest office building development.

Nick Schwendeman, Executive Vice President

Everyone loves your directories! We will be purchasing more in the future.

CJC, Property Manager, Tower Properties LLC



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