Mobile Interactive Content

Not everyone wants to touch a screen to get information on their destination within your building or campus. Provide people with the choice using a combination of touch screen office campus directories, hospital wayfinding, and other information by offering contactless, touch-less, interactive digital

Mobile Directory

Use your directory to show listings and building messages that users can scan and take with them.

Contactless Interactive Information

  • Let visitors scan your directory to their mobile device and take it with them.
  • Allows users to search for the person or company they’re visiting from their phone.
  • Scan-to-mobile information can also include building amenities, event details, transit schedules, offices available for leasing and more.
  • No app or technology experience requires—hold up your phone to a QR code and go.
  • Deliver this new expectation in a post-pandemic world.


Virtual Visitor and Vendor Greeting & Screening Services 

  • Move visitor, employee and vendor check-in to your directory
  • Add survey or forms on any topic to your directory.
  • Add Virtual Concierge services so that visitors can be buzzed in after virtually checking in

Mobile Wayfinding

Asking for directions is a top reason why visitors and tenants interact with building and facility staff. Save visitors and employees time with digital interactive wayfinding with scan-and-go capability.

  • Deliver simple, easy to use maps visually and let visitors scan maps to mobile devices.
  • Reduce staffing effort and costs to provide directions to high traffic tenant locations.
  • Get insights into what users scan and how they interact with analytics.
  • Starting with TouchSource Interact and above, the scan-to-go directory is included
  • Scan-and-go directions requires purchase of the TouchSource Wayfinding (as an add-on service)


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