Are You Stranded with LightBox Going Out of Business?

Author TouchSource

Limited Time Offer to Re-Activate Your Lightbox Kiosks with No Costs in 2024​​

Lightbox OOH (formerly known as Adspace) will be closing their doors in March 2024 and no longer supporting the kiosks deployed in malls across the country. TouchSource is here to help. We can do a screen takeover program quickly, easily and upgrade your content experience in the process.

We make the takeover process very simple. Our small form factor media player plugs in using an HDMI connector to your existing Kiosk display, access to a standard power outlet, and high-speed Internet – either through hardwire or wi-fi at the location​. TouchSource will deploy software, media players and remote technicians to reactivate your kiosks using TouchSource software. As long as your existing displays and kiosk hardware are still functional, we can get you going with no initial cost to you in 2024.

Most importantly, the solution comes with a retail-specific directory included that enhances the shopper experience. Our intuitive software is easy to use, let’s you schedule your own local content to appear when you want it to. All of that and you can continue to generate some advertising revenue.

Maintain Your Advertising Revenue Stream​

TouchSource will connect your systems to the large programmatic advertising networks and help you bring in national advertising immediately. We offer simple and generous revenue sharing terms while keeping your screens activated with compelling content. We’ve created a special offer for Lightbox customers or anyone whose advertising / retail kiosk partner is no longer operating. Special pricing available until May 1st, 2024. Call to ask about offer details. ​

Support and Enable Local Advertising​

Once the TouchSource software is deployed, you will be able to supplement your programmatic advertising with local sponsored content with freedom and flexibility. Our effortless platform gets you up and running to place your own advertising that will seamlessly blend with programmatic content. If you decide to engage with a new advertising partners, we are ready to support you with Broadsign, Vistar Media, or other integrations.​

Deliver Delight to Your Tenants​

TouchSource digital directory capabilities will enable you to showcase your tenants, enable shoppers to find more services, and provided an uplifted experience immediately.​

Amplify Your Brand​

TouchSource digital activation comes with a digital designer and customer success manager to make the digital sign an extension of your brand. Your colors, your logos, your content, your brand. ​

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