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Elevate Patient Experience

  • Transform patient and provider interactions with digital directories, interactive and mobile wayfinding that improves their experience
  • Show provider listings at-a-glance or with touch screen search
  • Add health messages to your directories to promote wellness
  • Update messaging and listings instantly
  • Schedule listings to change for providers who are not regularly on site

Patient Wayfinding

  • Guide patients through large buildings with self-service wayfinding
  • Use auxiliary signage to get patients from parking garages directly to appointments faster
  • Deploy QR-code based mobile wayfinding so patients can take directions with them
  • Avoid lost and stressed visitors or burdening first floor tenants with routinely redirecting lost visitors
  • Support great visitor experience in unstaffed buildings

Turnkey Medical Office Building Directories

  • Enable patients to search for providers by name, department, or type of medical service
  • Guide foot traffic more quickly to their providers for on-time appointments
  • Enjoy effortless directory management with tenant updates at the click of a button
  • Avoid the high cost of unattractive slat directories and win new leases amidst a glut of medical office options
  • Reach visitors and tenant employees with marketing messages, services, and wellness news

Attract the Best Tenants

  • Add instant glamor to lobbies and public areas of medical office buildings
  • Multi-purpose directories show listings, building news, marketing messages and healthcare notices
  • Create a memorable wellness vibe with motion art video backgrounds
  • Design a better waiting room experience with infotainment and health tips on messaging boards

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Deliver a Compelling Patient & Provider Experience 

Medical & Healthcare Directories

Directory listings for providers and wayfinding information paired with the ability to entertain, comfort and inform as an all-in-one messaging and directory service.

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Whether you have a touch screen kiosk or want to provide scan-to-mobile wayfinding to move an interactive, responsive version to a visitor’s device—we have the solution for you.

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Visual Tour of Healthcare Digital Signage

Take a 1-minute tour to see how you can take your healthcare space to the next level

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Indoor & Outdoor Kiosks

Get them from the parking garage to their appointments with easy, app-less mobile maps.

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Waiting Room Case Study

CareMount needed a directory solution that could be quickly and easily deployed to it\’s entire network remotely. They chose TouchSource to deliver waiting room messaging, wayfinding and dynamic announcements on CareMount locations and services, such as hours/service changes.

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Case Study

Learn how Eden Hill Medical Center lessened patient anxiety and helped on-time arrivals to appointments, and eliminated the need for added staff to provide directions to those with problems navigating the facility.

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Video Walls

Combine form with function to shape the experience in your waiting room. Dazzle them with dynamic art, while delivering a great experience.

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Get the Healthcare Buyers Guide

Learn more about the many ways that intelligent digital displays, kiosks, patient room signage and other solutions can deliver a compelling patient experience and save your team time and effort.

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Customer Testimonials

Gina D’Angelo-Mullen, Director of Marketing and Communications, CareMount Health Solutions

Both the directory and waiting room digital screens have had a great impact on not only the look of our offices but in the fact that we now have another tool to push out information quickly to our patients. The ability to customize content by location is key so that we can target messaging to the right areas. Patients and staff alike enjoy our own version of “CareMount TV”. Overall, the project has been very successful.

Trish Johnson,  Eden Hill Medical Center

People think the directory is high-tech and aesthetically nice. It looks great on the wall. But above all, the number one thing we’re always told is that it’s easy to use. I’ve only heard positive feedback. Personally, it’s really nice having more time back. I used to have to schedule at least an hour away from my desk to update the old directory. Now, when I have to make a change, I click a few buttons on my computer and I’m done.

Tanya Shubert, Director of Property Management Mcwhirter Realty / American Healthcare Investors

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