TouchSource Digital Poster Stands for Building Directories, Building Promotions, Property News and Events

Sleek, Versatile, Moveable Digital Poster Stand

All-in-one excellence

Sleek, Engineered Poster Stand Look

Sleek slimline styling and eye-catching digital content meet in the TouchSource Digital Poster Stand. Engineered to be sturdy yet lightweight, this proprietary stand has a small footprint, hides the power cord, and fits many spaces. In larger lobbies, clients use this beautiful Digital Poster Stand to promote on-site services, events, and team members for a more personal community experience. Clients with smaller spaces and smaller buildings use this as their tenant directory. You can’t walk by and miss this bright, captivating digital signage stand. If you have a special event or want to relocate the unit, move it to any new location that also has power. Our media player is wifi-enabled which makes it easy for you to connect to the Internet which enables the digital content experience.

Kiosk Product Details

  • 43″ commercial digital display designed for constant usage
  • Digital Poster Stand standard is commercial grade aluminum with automotive grade black paint finish
  • Easily move to other power-enabled locations with a lightweight and portable stand
  • Touch screen or static – both options available, static is recommended for lower maintenance (avoid the fingerprint smudges for lower upkeep)
  • Easy to self-assemble to save on installation costs, or we can assemble these for you

*power outlet needs to be available, connect to wifi using our media player 

Modern Moveable Elegance

Our solutions all start with the right digital experience. What content, information, news, promotions, instructions or other content are you offering to people who enter  your space? That’s the driving reason behind your need for signage after all. We recommend that you add TouchSource Interact Software to this beautiful Poster Stand. Here’s what else we do. We gather the content you want shown, step you through designs that fit your content, configure your features, and load that onto our media player that’s housed inside of our Digital Poster Stand enclosure. When you receive the product, load the display onto the stand, plug into a power source, get your media player onto your Wifi, and you’re up and running. It comes with a two year warranty that you can extend to five years, and we support our software solutions with unlimited remote support for the life of your subscription. That’s why it’s turnkey…great product, curated design experience, support that starts and day one and is there when you need it.

Why Focus on the Digital Poster Stand Content First?

Why are you buying signage? The ease of getting your message across and keeping it up to date should be your primary purchasing criteria. User experience with the software is key. If it’s not designed for business users and take an IT or Graphic Design resource to use, you’ll spend far more after you buy a sign than you need to. TouchSource software is designed for mere mortals. You login, you update your content, you publish it. Our software platform makes it easy to update content online in seconds. Change your messaging at will instead of wasting time and money taping up posters. Our basic platform features are the industry standard and include: cloud-based secure portal, online listings management with unlimited edits, slideshow content scheduling, software & security updates, streaming news & multi-day weather icons, and unlimited remote software support.

On top of that, the TouchSource Interact package of features are perfect for the Poster Stand including: customer branded design themes, emergency messaging takeover, listing import from a CSV format, local area amenities, scannable mobile directory, multi-display management, multi-factor authentication and video streaming. It’s the perfect feature set for a Poster Stand that fits any industry content use case. If you want to use QR codes beyond an employee, tenant or building directory, upgrade to TouchSource Engage and we’ll help you add other types of scan-to-view forms.

So Many Ways to Use a Digital Poster Stand

There so many, we had to create a chart. Even then, we ran out of space. There’s a wide range of news, images, information and content that fits your type of organization. The beauty of our software is that you can do all of the below and more. Load what you want, schedule it for specific times and dates, and then put new content up when you want to. Truly versatile signage for busy community places.

TouchSource Digital Poster Stands - Many Industry Content Experiences

Popular Digital Poster Stand Content Uses

  • Companies with small lobbies that want to showcase products, services, employees of the month, and other corporate news.
  • Content Scheduling – Easily program your content to show on specific dates, times, days and durations
  • Contactless directory and wayfinding delivers interactivity regardless of touch or static screen type
  • Digital Building Directory Listings – Put your directory on this slim, moveable stand
  • Education announcements from book store sales, sporting event news, public service announcements, honor student and achievement notices, scannable directions for visitors and more
  • Government or city services announcements, directions and downloadable forms via use of QR codes
  • Promote building services, amenities, events, notices, team members and other content for tenants and visitors.
  • Property Messages – Share building announcements and program information, event reminders and other types of content that will engage your community
  • Retail Specials – Use our lightweight mobile stand to position the signage anywhere you want*
  • Special Events or Building News – Help people navigate to special events and programs, notify them of out-of service elevators or construction, or other facility news

Ask for a demo for the dozens of other ideas we didn’t list.

Granite Properties’ Poster Stand Experience

Granite partnered with TouchSource to develop digital signage stations for their nationwide portfolio. The total solution included mobile display stands, new screens, and a software solution to distribute content to all the displays at once. In 2021, the company rolled out 34 digital messaging displays to their buildings across the U.S. Read the case study.

Granite Properties TouchSource Messaging Board