TouchSource Contactless Solutions

  • Deliver highly visual, digital information that keeps pace with rapid messaging changes
  • Dynamically communicate from any location at a safe distance
  • Let visitors scan that information to their personal mobile device
  • Extend directories contactlessly to personal mobile devices without sacrificing interactivity
  • Go contactless without the cost and hassle of developing stand-alone apps

Contactless Interactive Building Directories & More

Deliver a great non-touch interaction for a great visitor experience

  • Provide all the information visitors need visually with static directory listings
  • Seamlessly move all functionality to a user’s phone with app-less mobile directories and wayfinding
  • Create non-touch options without sacrificing functionality or interactivity
  • Enable users to find offices, individuals, services and amenities without touching a screen
  • Provide mobile visitor and vendor check in capability
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TouchSource Directory Software

Deliver directory listings contactlessly starting with the TouchSource Interact Directory Application. If you’ve got wayfinding maps, we can add that to your app-less mobile experience. Post pandemic, this is the #1 feature that visitors like and expect.

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This simple capability allows for full, responsive interactivity on a mobile device without the need to download an app.


Mobile Wayfinding

Get visitors to their destination easily with directions they can scan with their mobile device. Simple, intuitive navigation and point-to-point guidance eliminates the stress of getting lost. This starts with having wayfinding available. Get started today.

Contactless Visitor Management

Virtual Receptionist Services

Effortless Mobile Calling Service for Your Directory

Post pandemic, everyone knows what QR codes are and how to use them. Put those to work with our unique solution for alerting tenants by phone, email or SMS text message that their visitor has arrived.

Our virtual directory communications solution auto-generates a QR code upon entry of a tenant’s phone number, email or SMS information. Visitors scan the code to reach the notification recipient. This doesn’t require telecommunications services, speaker boxes or handset phone devices. Those “analog” tools add risk, cost, complexity. If you still want a Door Release solution, we have partners with similarly modernized solutions that let tenants use their mobile phones to provide access to approved visitors.

  • Let visitors find tenants using a self-service display or kiosk
  • Easy, direct-to-tenant visitor notification using QR codes
  • No touch required as calling is launched through personal mobile phones
  • Avoids costs and hassle of upgrading badging systems or maintaining antiquated phone handsets
  • Allows visitors and tenants to engage while protecting the privacy of tenant’s phone numbers
  • Analytics show number of calls, texts, and visitor engagements and supports reachability of visitors in case of emergencies
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Conference Room Signage

Sleek, Simple, Beautiful Room Signage

  • Show visitors, tenants and employees what meetings are booked and when space is open
  • Works great for traditional conference rooms as well as flex desk spaces and common areas
  • Available for horizontal or vertical orientation plus recessed or surface mounting option
  • Choose from among many beautiful designs or work with us on your preferred look
  • Easy-to-own, all-in-one software and hardware device
Conference Room Signs

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TouchSource offers a full suite of digital, contactless office signage solutions for conference rooms, flex office spaces, shared desks, temporary offices and any open or community space reservations

City of Grand Junction

The City of Grand Junction, Colorado was an early adopter of SharedSpaces, an all-in-one platform that includes software for scheduling and a monitor that displays information. Read more about their project in this case study.

Perpetually-Warrantied Conference Room Signs 

Facility managers can seamlessly display all reservable spaces on their digital building directory, central meeting room board or conference room with beautiful digital interfaces that engage people on a platform-as-a-service signage model that’s easy to deploy. Read the press release.

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