TouchSource Contactless Solutions

  • Deliver highly visual, digital information that keeps pace with rapid messaging changes
  • Dynamically communicate from any location at a safe distance
  • Let visitors scan that information to their personal mobile device
  • Extend directories contactlessly to personal mobile devices without sacrificing interactivity
  • Go contactless without the cost and hassle of developing stand-alone apps

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Contactless Interactive Building Directories & More

Deliver a touchless interaction for a great visitor experience

  • Seamlessly move all functionality to a user’s phone
  • Create non-touch options without sacrificing functionality or interactivity
  • Move directory, wayfinding, and all content from the digital sign to a user’s mobile device
  • Enable users to find offices, individuals, services, and amenities while maintaining social distancing
  • Market services with instant scan-and-engage offers
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Contactless Visitor Management

Virtual Visitor Greeting Services

Visitor Management Services Without the Need for Expensive Badging or Pre-Registration

Use a Concierge service to greet visitors or let them find and directly contact the tenant. Two great options that keep visitor experience at the forefront despite new norms for safe social distancing.

  • Let visitors find tenants using a self-service display or kiosk
  • Add a coronavirus symptom survey with instant notification for contact tracing and building safety
  • Easy, direct-to-tenant visitor notification reduces risk of close contact with building staff
  • No touch required as calling is launched through personal mobile phones
  • Avoids costs and hassle of upgrading badging systems for safe distance requirements
  • Allows visitors and tenants to engage without the need for plan-ahead registration and pre-badging services
  • Analytics show number of calls, texts, and visitor engagements and supports reachability of visitors in case of emergencies
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Safety & Compliance Management

Deliver Enhanced Safety & Employee Services for New Workplace and Public Space Norms

Architecturally finished digital signage platforms complement your lobby or public space while being highly visible from a distance. Secure cloud updating platform. Publish messages at whatever frequency you choose—daily, weekly or any interval. Solve key workplace and public space issues as the world re-opens.

  • Display mandatory public health and safety information throughout your building
  • Capture compliance acknowledgment via visitor and tenant mobile devices
  • Update messages easily and in multiple languages to keep in compliance
  • View spaces in real-time from your directory for enhanced safety and add on analytics for insights
  • Display on-site shift and employee lists as well as emergency contacts


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Visitor & Space Analytics

Camera-Based Sensing to Track Space Density and Views of Safety Messaging

  • Look for trends in high density environments
  • Validate that people are viewing important messaging
  • See the number of views per time period
  • Identify dwell points in common areas
  • Learn the hours of highest density to enable improved safety measures
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Space Management

Manage Space Schedules Easily & Visually

  • Facility teams are planning for 6-foot rule adoption in public spaces
  • Dynamically adjust max occupancy per office and space on display boards
  • Enable “space reservations” on central calendar boards or localized space display
  • Communicate occupancy to employees and visitors so they can plan ahead for social distancing

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