TouchSource AuxSpaces auxiliary signage

TouchSource AuxSpaces

Auxiliary Signage Options

TouchSource AuxSpaces enables you to extend the visual communication capability of TouchSource directories and our hosted content management solution Applications to small, agile signs distributed throughout your facility. AuxSpaces signage are small 10-inch displays that can host messages or announcements such as: directions to events in the building, temporary maintenance messages or listings of suites on an upper building floor. Ideal for buildings that have a digital directory and also need to guide foot traffic through complex buildings, provide dynamically changing messages throughout the year, have ancillary entrances to buildings or want to add signage to upper building floors as a convenience.

Extend Your Directory to Multiple Entrances & Garage Areas

We combine people, process, and technology to anticipate, prevent, and respond to issues before they affect your facility. TouchSource Proactive Monitoring capabilities start with a proprietary toolset but are delivered by skilled resources using best-in-class processes. These capabilities include:

  • Extend Your Lobby Directory & Wayfinding Across Your Property – Extend the reach of your main lobby directory to additional locations throughout your property
  • Digitally Greet Visitors at Auxiliary Entrances – Guide visitors who enter via garage, side entrance and multi-level buildings with at-a-glance mobile directory access
  • Get Visitors to Events on Time – Post the location of in-building events with a message and directional arrows to the room, which you can update as often as you need
  • Communicate Urgent Facility Updates – Help people navigate through down elevators, construction, or other facility disruptions.
  • Mounting Options – Use our small footprint 10.1” displays on your wall or entranceway, at your visitor desk with a small stand, or use our lightweight mobile stand to position the signage throughout your building
  • Optimize Small Screens with Simple, Visual Content – Use our beautifully designed screens to maximize the real estate on these extender displays


Why Choose AuxSpaces for Auxiliary Signage?

Ready to ditch those flimsy “mask up” signs or DIY task-specific signage that you placed around your property during the pandemic? It doesn’t look good and you probably have different messages now.

physical signage example

Demonstrate Your Difference

Bring the elegance and ease of updating content to signage that can help you guide visitors, employees and tenants throughout large building campuses. Nothing shows off a campus to choosy parents, a building trying to attract new tenants and other spaces better than bright, engaging digital signage. Now you can extend your lobby investment in a directory to a broader array of uses while using the same directory software from a trusted vendor. AuxSpaces is an easy amenity to add and vast improvement over paper signage or one-time use non-digital placards.

Requires a directory application subscription so that you can manage your content, which can include tenants on upper floors or meeting room schedules for conference centers. Comes with hardware and software as an all-in-one solution for fast, easy purchasing. Choose stand alone sign or add the stand or desk mount.

TouchSource AuxSpaces Moveable Event Signage