A 9-screen video wall digital directory featuring a digital art background showing the golden gate bridge at sunrise.

One-of-a-Kind Art for Your Video Wall or Digital Directory

Combine form and function for outstanding digital style with TouchSource video walls and digital directories that feature digital art. Rotate your digital art daily, weekly or monthly to capture and keep interest. Deliver listings, transit and calendar information for practical value. The combo of content and art is sure to create Instagram-worthy experiences for your community of tenants, visitors, patients and other guests. 

Art is unique and custom-tailored to your vision, taste and community. We offer an array of still and motion art visuals that you can add to your video wall, digital directory or other digital signage. Go with public art still for an affordable option and let us help you select the size and resolution that works. For an Instagram-worthy experience, upgrade to premium digital art from today’s hottest artists that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll love the unique art and will support artists.

We’ll help you:
  • Explore digital art collections to choose styles that fit your brand vision
  • Choose digital art pieces and rotate them daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly for a fresh experience
  • Overlay important content including directory listings, traffic maps, transit schedules, event calendars and more
  • Display on gorgeous, vibrant, turnkey video walls and directories backed by the industry’s best warranties and support team


San Francisco Showstopper

Located right along the Spear Street corridor in the South Financial district, 150 Spear is located in one of the most competitive markets in the country. This Class A building finds itself nestled among some of the nation’s largest employers and the city’s finest luxury housing. So, does the age-old mantra of “location, location, location” still hold up?

Yes, but location doesn’t mean buildings like 150 Spear don’t have to fight to win tenants. In order to survive and thrive, 150 Spear included selected the TouchSource Video Wall and ArtSpaces™ solution along with other digital content including transit schedules, news and event information in their lobby renovation. Passersby and visitors alike love the showpiece which is visible from the street. Ownership said it has helped them command premium leasing rates. Read the full case study.

A horizontal video wall display with a green and yellow abstract digital art background and digital directory features.

Inspiration for Your Aspiration

Love the idea but need to get an idea of what’s possible? Here’s a sample video reel we put together based on popular customer choices. We know that good art is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why we have access to over 50,000 pieces of art for you to choose from. Whether you like iconic photographs of your landmark city, black and white classics, or textural visuals ⏤ we have stunning options for you.

Art Options for Every Budget Range

1. Royalty-Free Stills or Videos. There are many beautiful images out there that are provided for broad use without any fees. The trick is finding the right images. Starting with TouchSource Engage and Inspire software packages, our team will help you select the right art that fit your vision, directory and content. Choose 4 background images or motion graphics from our library with TouchSource Engage and 12 with TouchSource Inspire, and we’ll design it into your display design for you. For video wall clients, you’ll get 18 background images or motion graphics from our library along with our TouchSource Immerse video wall services package. We have the content partnerships that afford us access to the right options for high quality, HD to 8K resolution and the right Digital Rights Management terms for business usage.

2. Premium Art Collections. For those who like unique art from today’s top artists, you’ll want to look at these collections of regional and contemporary art. Gain access to over 50,000 pieces of premium private collection art that isn’t available anywhere else. Your subscription pays royalties to the artists to support their work. And the art you choose is optimized to your discerning taste and formatted for the exact size, shape, format and resolution of your digital display. Royal-free art options don’t offer this level of quality, uniqueness or breadth. Choose to rotate your premium art anywhere from weekly to three times a day. Art gallery selection options:

  • Pre-Curated Collections: Professional Art Curators have created pre-curated collections based on popular trends including: Local Artists for top metro regions, Energetic Abstracts, Black & White Classics, Outdoor Color, Witty & Charming, Serenity, Kids Corner, and more.
  • Custom Curated: Have it your way. Work with an Art Curator work to choose your own selections from your local artists or the top artists in the country. Explore what works best for you. (There’s a nominal curation fee for the art curator’s time.)


Customer Case Studies

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