Ten Tools for Adapting to Social Distancing and New Norms in the Workplace

Author Christine Viera

Dizzying Pace of Change

Property managers, human resource professionals, and facility leaders are scrambling to adapt as the economy re-opens. As people return to their offices and lives, property professionals need to navigate the uncertain workplace, leisure, and health safety measures. Many aren’t clear on how to support safe social distancing for lobbies, community spaces, elevators, and office space.

Delivering factual, relevant messaging has become a daily, significant challenge. That’s because the information has been and will continue to change day by day. Tactics such as posting paper notices and using old-school slat directories have become obsolete almost overnight. Those outdated tools fail to serve today’s dynamic communications needs. It’s equally as difficult to assure staff that they’re safe in serving the public in too-close quarters. That’s why many are looking for creative answers and new tools to enable operational agility, modern communications, and sustainable safety practices.

Enter the era of Contactless solutions.

At TouchSource, we believe in constant innovation. To that end, we’ve been working with customers and partners on post-pandemic smart space solutions. From scan-to-mobile directories and wayfinding to live-viewing of spaces and on-site social distancing management tools, we’ve designed all-new ways to deliver relevant, reliable, and easy-to-deploy experiences at a safe distance.

“Looking at the ‘road to re-opening’, we felt we could do more,” said Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource. “In record time, we’ve researched and designed innovative applications of our solutions to help customers. Our contactless suite of solutions allows property professionals to adapt and deploy digital signage for new interaction protocols within their offices, mixed-use spaces, and multi-family properties.” For a quick read, see the press release on our Contactless Suite of solutions.

Better yet, watch the video to learn how these 10 fully interactive applications allow visitors to seamlessly see and scan information from digital displays to mobile phones without touching the screen. Solutions also include shift management solutions for production facilities and advanced density analytics for smart space management.


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