Webinar On Demand | How to Turn Commercial Property into a Killer Marketing Channel

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Are you ignoring a valuable marketing channel for your property management company?

Building visitors and tenants aren’t just visitors and tenants. They’re also consumers. Each person who comes through a building’s doors represents a valuable impression.

Top properties are already taking advantage of the ability to promote goods and services to this audience. But for other property companies and organizations, this marketing channel is still largely under the radar.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn about how an electronic building directory can be an important revenue stream for your property. We’ll share directory usage examples from our 11,000 clients to inspire your marketing initiatives. We’ll also go behind the scenes to show simple ways to schedule and manage that digital content.

Discussion Topics:

  • How digital content can build brand recognition
  • Content ideas to publicize available space, programs and ESG initiatives, and collect tenant feedback
  • Common attribution methods so you can track conversions from your promotion efforts
  • Strategies for monetizing your digital building directory and displays


Christine Viera headshot photo

Christine Viera

Christine Viera
Chief Marketing Officer

Christina Powell Photo

Christina Powell

Christina Powell
Senior Marketing Manager

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