How We Bring Earth Day into Our Everyday Actions

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As a technology company, we are proud that by nature we operate with a reduced carbon footprint. And we help our customers do the same. We enable clients to remove the need to constantly update paper, posterboard and old-style slat directories. By using a digital product, clients can change messaging and update listings at the click of a button. Less reliance on paper and materials that need constant replacing improves sustainability across our 10,000+ client sites.  

For us, doing good goes beyond these important environmental aspects. We believe in creating a positive, continuous impact that resonates throughout everything we do, from our hiring practices to our operations and fulfillment. From our decisions on how we source materials to how we support talent, investing in our environment, world and people is an always-on decision. And it results in solutions that reduce the impact on the environment and help invest in our community — not just on Earth Day, but every day.

In honor of Earth Day, here are some ways TouchSource endeavors to do our part for the environment and for our community:

As a software and hardware business, we source solutions from local Colorado companies whenever possible. We look for vendors that offer green solutions. And, we recycle materials and crating. All electronic waste from our warehouse goes to recycling facility in Boulder County. Our eco-efforts include even simple things such as buying compostable coffee pods and keeping a compost bin right next to the coffee pot. We recycle everything from warehouse materials to paper and office supplies. We have an employee team called the  People Roots Group —“Roots” meaning a cross-sectional group of core team members, who meet regularly to strategize how we can do more, whether that is volunteering on an individual level or incorporating more eco-friendly practices in our everyday operationsAs one example, we have initiatedpursuit of the Lafayette Green Business Program, which recognizes businesses that are committed to adopting green practices, for our office headquarters.

At TouchSource, “People Matter” is at the core of our company values. We believe in creating a community that celebrates people and the unique values each of us brings. We’re proud to share that our company reflects the global community that we serve. More importantly, we’re proud to offer an inclusive environment that helps our people grow personally and professionally. That includes opportunities for any employee to participate in a TouchSource Strategy Roots Group team. These are teams from every department who meet to decide how we’re going to drive company strategy. It enables every voice to be heard and any employee to have a seat at the table.  

Further, half of our leadership team is led by women: our Chief Financial Officer and our Chief Marketing Officer plus two other department heads. From our Creative Design team to Operations staff, our team members reflect truly global ethnic and racial diversity. We believe they all matter. We believe that their voices are important. We believe that our differences make us stronger, better and more innovative. 

What enriches our company culture is the level of commitment that our team members show for our community. From employees who volunteer to rehabilitate injured raptors (larger birds of prey)foster dogs and serve disadvantaged children, our team believes in giving back. We believe these pursuits make our company and our community strong. That’s why we contributed $50 to every single employee’s charity of choice in 2019. We also made excess product inventory available to hospitals, clinics and schools during the pandemic until our supplies ran out.  

Currently, we’re also working toward our BCorporation designation. It’s a competitive certification (only 1 in 3 businesses that apply will achieve it) granted to companies that create a positive impact for their customers, employees, communities, and the environmentBusinesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose will receive the certification. We’re committed to serving our employees and community no matter the outcome. It’s the focus on others that drives us.

Most of all, we believe in gratitude. We’re grateful to our customers who provide us the opportunity to serve them, our people, and our community. It’s our mission to pay it forward and play our part in creating a better world. Thank you for supporting us.  

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