7 Effective Strategies to Boost Visitor Engagement for Your Property This Year

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Tech-enabled buildings are here to stay. Properties and spaces are quickly outfitting themselves with cutting-edge digital building technologies to revolutionize customer interactions.  

Whether in healthcare, retail, government or commercial settings, building digital signage solutions like interactive kiosks and digital wayfinding systems are transforming user experiences both indoors and outdoors. 

Here are 7 helpful strategies to optimize engagement in buildings and enhance customer interactions using powerful digital signage tools.


1. Guide better using improved mapping and digital wayfinding

Create eye-catching and easily readable maps tailored to your building, campus, or community. Opt for static or animated wayfinding options that are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements.  

Interactive kiosks equipped with digital wayfinding software allow users to effortlessly find their destinations, improving overall engagement.


2. Serve more visitors with multi-language support

Do your community members speak other languages? Are visitors traveling from all over the world to your global hub? 

Boost user engagement by offering foreign language support on your digital and touchscreen directories. By catering to diverse language preferences, you ensure all users can access the information they need, whether it’s directions to specific offices, retail businesses, or other relevant content.

Multi-language mirrored navigation with TouchSource Inspire

3. Notify tenants of visitor arrival

Virtual visitor communications alert tenants of visitor arrival to your property. This easy addition to directories also includes direct dial links to connect users with various listings in your corporate directories. Mobile calling (or text or email) options exist via QR codes to:  

  • Call tenants directly
  • Call a receptionist or concierge
  • Call a shared service

Having a virtual receptionist feature enables self-service options, making it easier for customers to engage with your business and quickly find the information they require. It helps tenants save time and productivity not having to go down and let in visitors.

4. Offer contactless experiences using mobile devices

Let go of your worries about visitors getting lost. Instead, empower users to transfer step-by-step walking directions from your digital wayfinding system to their smartphones or tablets.  

TouchSource’s scan-to-mobile device capabilities ensures a seamless transition of information, facilitated by QR Codes and software that doesn’t require downloading any apps. (You heard that right! Using this software requires “0” phone apps to work) 

This feature maximizes user engagement and system utilization. 

Person's hands holding a smartphone and pointing to use green mobile wayfinding diagram of Third Floor medical facility floors for Eden Hill Medical Center.

5. Stay on brand for a consistent user experience

Create brand unity with TouchSource’s building digital signage solutions, reflecting your brand’s logos, colors, images, and more. Consistent branding not only enhances customer engagement but also contributes to a more pleasant user experience.  

Use image and logo upload capabilities to display flyers, upcoming events, and other brand messaging, further captivating your audience. To go above and beyond, incorporate streaming video to capture and keep attention. 

Digital touch screen wall directory showing large hospital campus photo and buttons to browse physicians, departments.

Example of hospital system branding for building digital signage.

6. Target communications to your business style and audience

With building digital signage you can easily tailor your content to match your businesses existing communications or property management style.  

This ensures you can deliver relevant and engaging information to your customers in a way that resonates.  

With TouchSource, you have options for the level of content control:  

  • Full Control of Your Content: You can assume full control of your content with customizable software that’s designed to your specifications. This way you can avoid third-party advertising, maintain total ownership and update content from a single source for maximum efficiency.   
  • Premium Software Subsidized by Quality Advertisers: You can get a discount on your premium digital signage software subscription by intermixing high-quality advertisers in your directory slideshow rotation. And not just any advertisers – we’re talking about ads you might find in Architectural Digest, or even in the Superbowl. Think AirBnB, Ray-Ban, Apple, Meta, and the list continues. And the best part is, you’re still in control of the content on your screen – and your budget.  


Dual-display advertising and content in TouchSource building digital signage software through Directory Media Network.
To learn more about our premium content subsidized with advertising, read up on our TouchSource
Directory Media Network. 

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7. Customize digital wayfinding to your unique property needs

Every business has its own unique challenges and requirements for digital wayfinding. You’ll want to design your maps in a way your specific building visitors will understand.  

With TouchSource, we understand our customers’ needs are unique. Working together, we’ll discuss a design and styling for maps and paths that reflect your brand. And don’t worry – we’ll be there as your spaces grow and your needs change.

Seven helpful digital building signage strategies to enhance customer interactions 

To review, here are 7 expert digital building signage strategies to raise user engagement in your property this year.  

1. Guide better using improved mapping and digital wayfinding

2. Serve more visitors with multi-language support

3. Notify tenants of visitor arrival

4. Offer contactless experiences using mobile devices

5. Stay on brand for a consistent user experience

6. Target communications to your business style and audience

7. Customize digital wayfinding to your unique property needs



With the ever-evolving digital landscape, customer engagement is a critical aspect of successful marketing. Embrace the power of building digital signage, interactive kiosks, and digital wayfinding systems to stay competitive and provide superior user experiences.  

TouchSource offers a range of solutions, from wall-mounted digital displays to walk-up interactive kiosks and digital displays for elevators. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that are affordable, efficient, and effective. Upgrade your engagement strategies today and watch your business thrive in the digital world. Request a quote today.  

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