COVID-19 Update: Offer for Frontline Healthcare Organizations

Author TouchSource

An Offer for Healthcare Organizations 

We know that many of our public health agencies and first-line hospitals have thousands of problems that they face. In these times, we have to stick together. We’d like to help frontline healthcare organizations address challenges in keeping patients and providers safe when they visit facilities.

To that end, TouchSource is making available our excess inventory of digital signage at no cost to help hospitals, urgent care centers or front line health organizations in North America with communication needs in their physical spaces. Our excess inventory includes 65 inch and 75-inch large format displays. In addition, we have some small format 10” displays that can be used for additional messaging such as handwashing stations.

Please call us about our available stock. We’ll work with you to build the digital content programs for your display and ship them to you at no cost. The installation will be on you to manage, but we’ll provide information to guide your installation and installation equipment choices. Our offer is good while supplies last. We hope this offer provides a versatile, easy-to-update tool for health providers in the time where social distancing and rapidly changing information need to be ever-present.

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