TouchSource Temperature Sensing Wellness Kiosks

Create a Safer Experience with a Kiosk Built for the Long Run

The TouchSource Taos combines robust digital directory software with a complete wellness package including infrared temperature sensing and contactless hand sanitizer. This turnkey solution is an attractive addition to any lobby or entrance. Digital signage not only elevates the aesthetics and sophistication of a building, it’s also a versatile and cost-effective amenity. In addition, the new TouchSource Taos enhances your visitor safety and wellness program as you welcome visitors and tenants back to building and public spaces. 

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Balance Wellness with Critical Health Safety Features

During these times of economic and public health uncertainty, it can be difficult to invest in solutions that may not stand the test of time. The TouchSource Taos solves for immediate and future needs with a fully functionality digital kiosk that also incorporates wellness features. The combination enables you to deploy a highly versatile digital display with wayfinding options with temperature checking capability and hand sanitizer during a public health crisis.

  • Future-ProofIf there comes a time when temperatures sensing is less needed, it’s easy to turn off while keeping the digital information, messaging and hand sanitizing features of the attractive-looking kiosk. 
  • Complete Contactless Suite – Together with the TouchSource Contactless Suite of solutions, the TouchSource Taos wellness kiosk provides safe, easy-to-use capabilities that protect your tenants and visitors while also providing useful and engaging content.
  • Integrated with Best-in-Class Employee Health Screening – Learn why and how you can add employee health screening surveys designed by medical experts, add secondary temperature screening and use both to determine access to your facility. Explore how this innovation helps you maintain safer workplaces, schools and spaces. Learn more about employee health screening ►


TouchSource Taos Wellnes Kiosk Features

Built in Colorado USA with technology and software designed for a secure and privacy-compliant solution unlike low quality, copycat solutions.

► Temperature Sensors & Discrete Notifications

  • Sensor-based infrared temperature thermometer utilizes FDA guidelines for 3-second average benchmark sensing and is accurate to 0.5 degrees
  • Integrated ambient temperature and proximity sensors reduce false positive readings from the temperature sensors
  • Discreet notification of temperature thresholds that exceed pre-defined levels
  • Made in the USA, our software solves today’s safety needs while still meeting GDRP and other user privacy information

Elegantly Designed Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • Sensor-based contactless hand sanitizer with integrated notifications when a refill is needed
  • Locked storage cabinet holds 2 Gallon-sized jugs of liquid sanitizer for secure access and easy refills
  • Cost-effectively deploy these stations to all entrances and public spaces using exciting digital content to drive usage

► Adaptable & Relevant Digital Content Display

  • Touch and non-touch HD display with options for 22” or 32” sizes
  • Options to display contactless yet interactive digital directory, wayfinding and safety messaging
  • Enable visitor and vendor acknowledgement of public health procedures and mobile compliance capture
  • Easy-to-use solution for real-time guest, patient, student, citizen or tenant communication
  • Leverage TouchSource digital designers to align the experience and kiosk look to your brand and messaging