TouchSource Contactless Wayfinding Map on a Directory

Simple Interactive and Contactless Wayfinding

Deliver touch screen or interactive contactless wayfinding at a safe distance for an outstanding visitor experience that fits the new normal. Our unique wayfinding technology guides users through buildings and campuses with eye-catching maps. From moving people around large campuses to highlighting key amenities, services, retailers, and restaurants, our wayfinding solutions support an exceptional visitor experience. That includes self-service navigation and contactless scan-to-mobile capability that moves interactive maps to personal mobile devices. 

  • Contactless, Scan-to-Mobile. Take the map with you from the directory to your mobile device via QR codes and text-to-mobile for easy in-building navigation.
  • Updates Automatically. When a tenant moves to a different location, your map updates itself for effortless upkeep.
  • Animated Paths. Animated lines for turn-by-turn directions from directory to destination using the building’s floor plans that are rendered beautifully so that mere mortals can understand it.
  • Layered 2D or 3D Maps. Select just the right options for optimized spatial orientation including 2D and 3D renderings. Wayfinding design inputs include your floor plans that are mapped to the kiosk or display location for directionally correct compass orientation. Delivers an optimal visitor experience so they quickly find where they’re going.
  • Station-to-Station Wayfinding. Get visitors quickly to the right location across your large property campuses.
  • Branded & Localized Design. Customize the look and feel of your maps to match your branding, local amenities, stairways, elevators, and localized property features.
  • Wayfinding Managed Services. Our team of experts will update your maps, directions, and locations as your facility changes. Construction re-routes, new facilities, additional wings, or redeployment of your directories will all be handled with TouchSource’s team of in-house designers.

Save time and money while delivering a special experience for visitors. Great for any location and especially valuable for public spaces, buildings with limited staffing or high after-hours traffic, and more.