Your Building Tech Stack Should Support a Successful Flexible Workplace

Author Ajay Kapoor

I recently participated in a RealComm webinar on the technology stack that supports the digital future of work in hybrid workspaces. The discussion focused on the state of hybrid working and how technology can help digital and physical experiences come together. As a panelist, here are some of my thoughts on what can smooth the transition back to the office:  

In the past 2 years, technology has quickly come up the curve. It has given us the solutions to successfully continue our jobs, our gatherings, and our relationships outside the office. Now, as the country re-opens and mask mandates have dropped, employees who have established a productive routine working from home are returning to their workspaces. And to a hybrid working model. 

According to an Economic Impact survey by Google Workplace, more than 75% of employees and managers expect to adopt a hybrid workplace model. But this begs the question: as businesses, how do we effectively blend the physical and digital? How can technology help provide a compelling reason to be in the office?  

What Employees Want – And How Spaces Can Deliver 

First, we listen to the employees. A recent report by Cushman & Wakefield / CoreNet Global asked people what they expected the top uses of the office to be in 2022 and beyond. The three largest responses were: 

  • Creativity, Innovation and Learning (33%) 
  • Employee/Client Culture (27%) 
  • Client Meetings (20%)

Cushman & Wakefield CoreNet Report Statistics Supporting Hybrid Model
The data is a clear message: Going into the office has become purposeful. People do so to meet in person, collaborate and engage in office culture, like coffee hours or all-employee events. As businesses, we need to adopt solutions that bring inspiration, collaboration, flexibility and connection.  

How IoT-Connected Signage Fits into Today’s Hybrid Workplaces 

Since productivity can be achieved working remotely, the office experience needs to be uniquely different than at home. Buildings and spaces with IoT-Connected signage can offer a compelling hybrid experience. Here are some ways smart digital signage can accomplish this: 

1. Smooth out the edges between digital and physical. Information changes quickly and so the office environment needs solutions that can get ahead of that. Digital signage helps to deliver the latest up-to-date information and announcements for flex office spaces – no paper required.

2. Amplify your culture. During the webinar, our customer, Keith Bereskin from HealthPeak highlighted how much they have invested in culture and communication through virtual coffees and regular newsletters. As the workforce returns to the office, those cultural touchstones can be amplified with engaging place-based digital signage. When people are at home, their computer screen is their portal to the world. When they are in the office, they are moving through the environment and now the broader office environment must be an effective communication vehicle. 

3. Create inspiration. Offices can’t compete with homes in terms of comfort, but they can surpass the home in terms of inspiration. As your employees or tenants return to the office, it’s our opportunity to create inspiring places to work and to collaborate.  The office needs to include energizing, creative elements to attract tenants and their employees. TouchSource’s customers are creating inspiration through curated digital art or live motion murals, visual storytelling, and infotainment to create an inspiring workplace. 

4. Enable compelling visitor self-service. Self-service is the new standard, and the tech stack and solutions need to work together seamlessly to support that need. Touchscreen kiosks and interactive directories can deliver a tech-forward experience with virtual check-in, mobile wayfinding and other interactive features. When a hybrid employee returns to the office, they want to be able to reserve their own space, manage their own conference rooms, and claim their own desk and the toolset needs to enable that experience.   

Yes, there is both fear and excitement about going back to work at the office. But IoT Connected signage can help even out this transition, and create an adaptive, motivating environment to return to. Give us a call today to learn how digital signage solutions can add to your hybrid tech stack. 

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