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Video walls have a large, vibrant, engaging digital canvas that’s great for sharing content, displaying beautiful artwork, communicating information, and making spaces come alive. They allow you to create an immersive, memorable experience for your visitors across different types of space – lobbies, conference spaces, meeting rooms, and community areas.

While you might install one or two of these in your career, we build, deliver, and support video walls every day. Our team of digital display experts is steeped in the knowledge of what products fit your needs, spaces, and installation considerations. We’ll recommend the best options and be there every day during and after the installation to address your questions and needs. That’s why we’ve been in business over 30 years, customers rely on us when making investment decisions for digital display solutions.

Aspen Video Wall

  • Add flair and function to any space. A perfect eye-catching solution for a busy lobby or conference room.
  • Display a full range of digital content, digital artwork, and exciting videos and messaging.
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Eldora Video Wall

  • A simple, turnkey solution that takes the complexity and mystery out of video walls.
  • A bold and exciting digital canvas to showcase art, large format information, and multiple forms of content to change the aesthetic of any building. 
  • Our commercial-grade hardware comes to life with engaging art, videos, informative content, and real-time transit updates.
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Go Big, Go Vertical, Go Outside the Lines

  • Design Your Own Video Wall Shape & Size. Dream it up and we’ll help you design it. Design the journey from the moment they enter the building to the time they leave. Our collaborative consultants will aid you in sketching out the experience you want to deliver.
  • One-of-a-Kind Content. Deliver compelling and exciting content including your proprietary building information along with creative, eye-catching third-party content including avant-garde digital art, motion graphic scenery, news in pictures, community calendars and much more.
  • Future-Proof Video Architecture. We design the right hardware, security, native resolution, outputs, custom-designed controller, data storage, video formats and engineered mounting systems for you.
  • Sized to Fit Just Right. Our designs scale the digital experience to the architecture, physical dimensions and brightness of your space. Based on the experience and content you want, we’ll match any angle, position and span of displays that fit your goals.

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