TouchSource & JLL Retail: Digital Signage Success at Circle Centre Mall

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Circle Centre Mall in Downtown Indianapolis was facing critical challenges in its digital directory infrastructure, dealing with non-functional digital kiosk units, outdated software, and a lack of real-time updating capabilities.  

These obstacles not only jeopardized operational efficiency, but also threatened an important revenue-generating opportunity: the NBA All-Star 2024 weekend event slated for February 16-18.

To address these pressing issues, mall managers JLL Retail sought a new digital signage partner. They quickly turned to TouchSource — JLL’s longstanding preferred provider of digital signage.

The Solution

TouchSource embarked on a strategic project to revamp the directory experience for the 60-store mall, deploying directory software across 5 dual-sided digital kiosks. The kiosks are set up so each side features:  

  • Side 1: Immersive 3D animated wayfinding, facilitating navigation to over 150 destinations within the mall. (TouchSource Inspire software).
  • Side 2: Digital promotions and advertisements, in line with Circle Centre’s marketing objectives. (TouchSource Interact software). 


Black and multi-color digital kiosk display for NBA All-Star 2024 at Circle Centre Mall in Downtown Indianapolis.

NBA All-Star 2024 Welcome Message on Circle Centre Mall Kiosk

Key Features

  • Integration with Circle Centre’s website, 3D animated wayfinding functionality, and Proactive Monitoring service geared towards ensuring maximum uptime for the units.
  • Dynamic digital slideshow for announcements help Circle Centre Mall launch targeted marketing campaigns and promote events effectively. This enables them to engage more visitors and drive foot traffic throughout the multi-floor urban mall. 


TouchSource addressed the mall’s navigation challenges, but also elevated the overall shopping experience. By providing intuitive directions and a versatile platform for marketing initiatives, the new directory software has helped foster a more vibrant and interactive mall environment.  

We recently connected with Rebecca Sidles, Regional Marketing Manager for Jones Lang LaSalle, to discuss the success of the Mall’s new digital signage solutions.  


TouchSource: What were some major challenges at Circle Centre Mall before TouchSource? 

Rebecca Sidles: When we acquired Circle Centre, we inherited 5 digital kiosks that were being serviced by another digital signage provider. But there were some issues: Some directories had completely dark screens; There was no way to make changes to the mall map, which put mall wayfinding in jeopardy.

But the original vendor couldn’t service the units anymore. Our goal was to find a reliable partner to get our displays up and running going into the NBA AllStar 2024 weekend in February. It was a huge national event for Downtown Indianapolis.  

We approached TouchSource about a software takeover of the digital kiosk displays. Since TouchSource is already JLL’s preferred provider of digital signage, it was a very streamlined purchasing and installation process. The directories were fully functional by the time of the event. 

TS: Tell us more about the NBA All-Star 2024 Weekend – why the urgency to get your displays re-programmed?  

RS: We had 25 new pop-up stores coming to Circle Centre just for that weekend. Some stores were moving in on Thursday, and then were leaving by Monday. Guests needed to have directions to get to them. 

So, we needed a software solution that enabled us to update mall store listings in real-time — fast and from anywhere. This helps reduce confusion for our shoppers. Once they get in the door, they want to get to their destinations quickly because that’s why they come. 

TS: Which TouchSource digital display features are most helpful to your visitors? 

RS: 3D animated wayfinding with QR codes lets mall shoppers take their directions with them on the phones. This is so important for Circle Centre, which has 4 levels spanning 2 blocks. 

Orange digital kiosk display with white writing for "EatHere" at The Intersection at Circle Centre Mall.

Food and Drink Line-Up

Before TouchSource, getting places on the property wasn’t intuitive at all. All too often, confused mall guests used to stop security officers asking where they needed to go. Although there are many static back-lit directories, they’re impractical to rely on for guests who need clear directions while on site. 

Furthermore, if guests are wandering around lost, that wastes their time and interrupts their experience. We want our guests to have the best experience. 

TS: How does the new TouchSource software help drive revenue for your property? 

RS: The digital image slideshow is especially interesting as it can be an important revenue source when we run marketing campaigns to tenants.   

For example, when a new store comes in, we can offer to run a digital ad on our displays on their behalf for up to 90 days. This helps build awareness of their location and drive foot traffic their way. 

In addition, the slideshow is a helpful platform we use to highlight our upcoming events. This way, we can build a relationship with our frequent shoppers. For example, if shoppers are local to the area we can encourage them to come to our Tuesday music series. 

Digital kiosk at a mall that announces music series events

Circle Centre Mall Music Series

The feature is also great because of our proximity to the Indiana Convention Center, which is just a few blocks away. Since our strategy is to identify who we know is shopping at the Centre, and then make that connection to the reason they’re in town, our directories can help us communicate to a large audience and seize a selling moment.

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