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TouchSource Proactive Monitoring

Peace of Mind, Maximum Uptime

Digital signs are quickly becoming a critical part of a facility’s infrastructure. Whether that is through the directories, wayfinding, information boards, or they are the statement piece, their importance is growing daily. With that increased importance comes an even greater need to maximize uptime, minimize disruption and deliver a consistently great experience. TouchSource Proactive Monitoring will maximize your uptime without draining your time or resources.

TouchSource Proactive Monitoring Features

We combine people, process, and technology to anticipate, prevent, and respond to issues before they affect your facility. TouchSource Proactive Monitoring capabilities start with a proprietary toolset but are delivered by skilled resources using best-in-class processes. These capabilities include:

  • Active Monitoring Technologies. All systems benefit from an “intelligent agent” in the content player on your premises. It is constantly checking the health of the hardware, the use of resources, the performance of the operating system, and the environmental performance.
  • Automated Expert Systems. Leveraging over 125 years of combined support experience, the TouchSource support engineering team has developed a propriety set of automated scripting to interrogate, diagnose, and resolve common issues without human intervention.
  • Automated Workflows. As soon as the monitoring tools detect something is outside of normal behavior, automated notifications are sent to the TouchSource team with multiple layers of redundancy to make sure nothing is missed. Those notifications trigger an assignment of an engineer who is ready to troubleshoot and diagnose any issue that arises.
  • Real Human Expertise. Our team of experts will personally engage in each system fault raised and lead the resolution. Many of the issues require no customer involvement, but this team is ready to work with you and your staff if the need should arise. We can point you to network or facility issues and get the system performance back to normal quickly.
  • Guaranteed Service Levels. As part of the service guarantee, TouchSource guarantees that any issue will generate a customer notification within 4 hours of problem generation. In addition, TouchSource will assign an engineer for resolution within 4 business hours of notification.
  • Continued Innovation. TouchSource is investing in bringing in the power of machine learning, ongoing process improvement, and continuous improvement from every opened issue. By always innovating, TouchSource will continue to exceed your expectations.


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Proactive Monitoring Details

Service Definitions:

The TouchSource Proactive Monitoring Service delivers peace of mind through a combination of automated tools, engineer capabilities, and customer collaboration as defined by the following service level objectives:

  • TouchSource will notify customers through automated or manual processes of any remotely detectable system affecting defect within 4 hours through a pre-defined email contact. Notifications will be always delivered independent of business hours.
  • If necessary, any issues requiring action or intervention by a TouchSource Support Engineer will be assigned to an engineer within 4 hours of notification during normal business hours.
  • TouchSource will have the capability to detect facility faults such as network failure, power failure, or facility environmental system failure.When a facility fault is detected, TouchSource will notify the customer of the fault, but the scope of resolution is entirely with the customer and the customer facilities team.
  • TouchSource will use appropriate business judgement to proactively resolve all issues without customer intervention.However, if there are specific requirements for active resolution, the customer must notify TouchSource during the kickoff process.
  • This offer does not extend or change hardware warranty inclusions or exclusions that were previously purchased.
  • This offer does not provide onsite support that was not previously purchased or covered by warranty or service contract.


Network Requirements

The TouchSource Proactive Monitoring toolset requires an active network connection between the TouchSource monitoring hub and the customer location.This network connection could be via a cellular modem, VPN, VLAN, or standard internet connection.TouchSource recommends that TouchSource systems are deployed behind firewalls and not on public networks.TouchSource requires a small set of ports available for bi-directional communication through a customer firewall. If needed, TouchSource can provide our security protocols requirements prior to activation.