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How to Build a Business Case for Digital Signage

Making the case for a new property improvement can be a difficult task. Especially when getting budget approvals can depend on three important letters: ROI, or return on investment. 

Here’s where it can get hard: ROI of anything can be difficult to determine, let alone the measurable impact of adopting digital signage over traditional paper signage.  

So, we’ve done the heavy lifting.  

In collaboration with Intel® and Propmodo, we have developed “Building a Business Case for Digital Signage,” a comprehensive research report that outlines the many advantages of using digital signage in commercial properties, backed by facts and statistics.

How much can your team save in productivity hours using digital signage vs. traditional paper signage? What is the impact smart spaces have on the environment? 

Read the report to gather findings you can use to create a compelling case for a digital signage display on your property.

Why ROI Matters for Digital Signage

In today’s quickly evolving work culture, office spaces need to be more appealing and engaging. Properties need to attract people to come into the office with opportunities for collaboration and community. Then, building owners and property managers can be faced with potentially expensive renovations, which strains the budget. 

That’s where digital signage comes in. It’s a creative solution to an expensive problem, often caused by holding onto using paper signage and traditional slat building directories.

But property investors seek solid Net Operating Income (NOI) and new revenue streams. You might ask how digital signage can help deliver on these demands – and that’s where our research report comes in. To explain, by the numbers, how digital signage can generate a return. 

Incorporating smart digital signage offers a dynamic and engaging solution that revolutionizes commercial environments, but these smart displays also have untapped potential. Digital signage can unlock new opportunities to generate revenue, and switching to them offers fast savings in time and productivity. By combining building information, artistic elements like digital art, and media through infotainment, digital signage has the potential to revolutionize workplaces.

Customizable Indoor Freestanding Kiosk with User Friendly Digital Content and Architectural Finishes

What makes it possible?

Innovative software solutions and the processors that support them. At TouchSource, we’re proud to partner with landlords and property managers across to country, bringing our turnkey digital signage solutions powered by Intel® processors to the forefront of the commercial real estate industry.

Together, we can offer properties scalable, future-proof solutions that bring solid results for the long term.

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Why Choose a Digital Signage Display?

1. Transforming Communication Efficiency and Impact

Digital signage provides a centralized solution for managing and disseminating content across multiple locations. By converging building information, directions, news, announcements, and curated advertising, a digital signage display offers a more efficient and impactful communication platform. Traditional static signage is limited in its ability to adapt and engage viewers. In contrast, digital signage allows for real-time updates, targeted messaging, and interactive elements, resulting in increased audience engagement and better communication outcomes.

2. Enhancing the Return-to-Work Environment

As the work culture evolves, it is crucial to reshape office spaces to be more appealing, engaging, and flexible. Digital signage plays a significant role in this transformation by creating a visually stimulating environment. With features such as wayfinding maps, interactive directories, and event calendars, digital signage improves navigation and fosters a sense of community. It enables employees to easily find their way around the premises, locate meeting rooms, access important information, and stay informed about upcoming events, ultimately enhancing the overall work experience.

3. Cost-Effectiveness and Versatility

Implementing digital signage offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional signage. While static signs require constant reprints and replacements, digital signage allows for easy content updates and modifications. This versatility saves time and resources in the long run. Moreover, a digital signage display provides opportunities for revenue generation through curated advertising. Property owners can collaborate with advertisers and display targeted ads, opening up a new stream of income while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Read the Research Report


What’s in the Report?

Key Findings 

Our research report dives deeper into the ROI—including cost savings, benefits, and statistics— surrounding adding a digital signage display in commercial environments. It provides valuable insights and facts to help you build a compelling business case for incorporating digital signage in your property. It’s the first report to put some numbers to the effort to maintain out-dated paper and plastic signage.

Digital signage has emerged as a game-changer in the commercial real estate industry, offering many benefits and opportunities for property owners and managers. By adding a smart digital signage display, commercial spaces can become more appealing, efficient, and revenue-generating. To unlock the full potential of digital signage in your property, download the research report below.


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