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What Proactive Monitoring Means for Your Digital Building Directory

As more commercial buildings are being outfitted with technology updates and remodels, digital building signs are increasing in importance as an amenity. But they also serve as an essential part of a facility’s infrastructure. As such, the focus is not just on delivering a great experience for tenants and visitors. Building and asset managers want to ensure there is maximum uptime and minimal disruption for each unit, without sacrificing time. 

What is Proactive Monitoring?

Proactive Monitoring means attempting to constantly identify any potential issues before they create a challenge for your business. TouchSource Proactive Monitoring works to anticipate, prevent, and respond to digital directory issues before anyone even notices. We combine people, process, and technology to diagnose and troubleshoot systems to ensure maximum uptime. All of this happens without draining property management’s time and resources.

How it Works

Active monitoring technologies work to constantly checking the health of the hardware, the operating system, and other performance indicators. As soon as our digital directory monitoring tools detect something is outside of normal functioning, automated notifications are sent to the TouchSource team. An engineer is then assigned to diagnose and troubleshoot any issue that comes up.

Watch COO Jeff Wallingford as he shares how TouchSource Proactive Monitoring works and how buildings can benefit from this service.

How to Get Started with Proactive Monitoring

Our experienced team at TouchSource will help you get more peace of mind and maximum directory uptime. Proactive Monitoring can be added to your directory, or is included with when you buy TouchSource Directory Media Network.

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