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Temperature Scanning Kiosk. Learn how you can safely welcome visitors, tenants and students back with a kiosk that that scans their temperature and dispenses hand sanitizer with a built-in digital display for messaging. Learn more ►

Cost and Time Savings of Installing a Touchscreen Directory

The challenges in traditional directories Few businesses maintain physical directories available to all guests, choosing instead to employ a receptionist...

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4 Steps to Increase Tenant Retention with TouchSource

Tenants and visitors expect a modern look and seamless technology in today’s commercial office building.  When implementing a digital smart board,...

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3 Ways a Digital Smart Building Can Help You Activate Your Space

Activated Spaces Are the New Norm Imagine a bright and spacious office building so technologically functional and engaging that employees...

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Digital Signage and Directory Technology on Campus

by Sloan Petereit As a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder, one thing I have noticed about the people...

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Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Directory

As technology, economics, and vendors change, the marketplace for digital directories has evolved dramatically in the past few years.  It...

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3 Factors to Consider When Adding Features To Your Digital Directory

With a wide array of choices for features and content on your new digital directory, it is not surprising that many can...

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How Digital Signage Increases Patient Satisfaction & Streamlines Hospitals for the Future

Modernizing the Overall Hospital Visit For many patients, the experience of a hospital stay can be overwhelming. Even in the...

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Can You Use Consumer TVs for Commercial Digital Signage?

Brightness and display versatility Commercial signage displays have a better brightness range than traditional TVs. In fact, most digital signage...

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