5 Key Advantages of Digital Directories for College Campuses 

Author Christina Powell

Is your school looking to upgrade its campus navigation? 

Education campuses can be complex labyrinths of buildings, walkways, and open spaces. Navigating such an intricate maze can be daunting for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

Luckily, there’s a solution that can provide clear directions and information, reduce stress, and enhance accessibility.

Enter digital directories, the game-changing technology that is revolutionizing the way we navigate campuses. From exams and mid-terms to alumni gatherings and athletic events, digital directories can offer a hassle-free experience for all, including those with disabilities.

Here are the top five advantages of using digital directories on education campuses:

1. Better Navigation.

Digital directories offer streamlined navigation for students and visitors, with education digital wayfinding to easily find buildings and departments.

2. Real-Time Information.

With up-to-the-minute information on class schedules, building hours, and more, digital directories keep everyone informed and up-to-date. This helps everyone stay on top of changes happening in a rapidly evolving environment.

3. Content Flexibility.

Digital directories can show all kinds of content to fit different uses and spaces.

Our new Experience Flipping feature lets directories switch their look and messaging to a secondary design. For example: A digital sign can share information for a space that’s a student center by day. By night, it can welcome guests to use the same location as a reception space. Or, A college shows a campus map and event information on outdoor digital kiosks during the daytime. At night, the Campus Safety department wants to list safety numbers and a scan-to-call QR code for students walking home.

Read more about Experience Flipping and other 2023 innovations here: Next Generation of Places People Want to Go.

TouchSource Education Displays and Directories

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4. Customized Displays.

School digital signage can be customized to meet specific needs, with options for different languages, accessibility features, and more.

Our creative team and project advisors work with you to understand your school’s needs and unique features. Then, all of these get incorporated into your final directory design and functionality. 

5. Branding Opportunities.

Digital directories can be branded with a school’s colors, logos, and other identifying marks, creating a cohesive and professional look throughout the campus while promoting school pride and spirit.

Check out our full list of content options and capabilities in our 2023 Product Catalog.


Content Ideas for College & University Digital Directories 

Once you choose the right digital solution for your education digital signage project, you can begin to plan what kind of content to show. Here are some examples of how our colleges and university customers are using digital content today.

Share Faculty Offices & Important Department Locations

Education is an investment. How time is spent is important. So the most basic need for colleges and universities is to make sure students and visitors find where they need to go. And, who they need to see. 

How many key locations are there per department? Are they on different floors or in different buildings? Where do teachers hold their office hours?

A simple building directory for a department answers these questions. Moreover, it offers different ways for users to search the information they’re looking for.  

Red and black touch screen digital directory screen for Iowa State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Touch Screen Digital Directory – Iowa State University

Help Visitors Navigate with Campus Wayfinding

College campuses can be large and complex. Without easy navigation, newcomers can get easily frustrated trying to arrive to their commitments on time.

Imagine a student who can’t find the building or site of an important test, which is an already stressful event. Moreover, think about the complications for those who need to get to a work-study assignment or job across campus.

But sophisticated mapping in the form of interactive campus wayfinding can bring order to chaos. At-a-glance views or interactive maps, animated paths, and scan-to-mobile features save time and frustration.

For example, Ole Miss uses a colorful digital map with markers to help users navigate campus.

Multi-colored aerial view map of University of Mississippi "Ole Miss" campus on a digital directory in University, Mississippi.

Digital Directory with Campus Wayfinding – “Ole Miss” University of Mississippi

Offer Helpful Campus Resources

Today information changes quickly. Delivering the most current news and announcements to students, faculty and visitors can be daunting. But education digital signage makes it possible with a few clicks of a button.  

As well as providing better navigation and listings, digital directories can share campus resources, upcoming events, and safety updates in real time.

Vertical purple and grey university branded campus digital directory for University of Portland in Oregon.

Campus Digital Directory – University of Portland

Planning Your Content

Once you decide on a digital directory, it’s time to plan the content you want to feature.

Customize it with your college logos, colors and other identifying marks to show your school spirit. Then, consider the most common questions visitors need to know about your school and campus.

Content ideas include:

  • Parking lot rules for students, visitors and vendors 
  • Campus Safety Hotlines 
  • Events & Athletic Calendars 
  • On-Campus Dining 
  • Dormitory & Off-Campus Housing Information 
  • Local Traffic & Transit Schedules 
  • Social Media Feeds


Recognize Alumni with Honor Walls & Donor Boards

Did you know digital directories can be a great way to boost your alumni giving programs?

Donor boards and honor walls are popular ways for schools to recognize their students and alumni. Our clients like to use these dynamic digital screens to share the following content: 

  • Inspiring Alumni Testimonials 
  • Student & Alumni Spotlights 
  • Ways to Give (On-The-Spot Donations with QR codes) 
  • Events, Programs and Gift Store Information 
  • Volunteer Opportunities 
  • List of Top Donors

For instance, California Western School of Law (San Diego, California) uses its digital directory as a donor board, rotating inspirational alumni testimonials.

Further Reading: Top 5 Benefits of Digital Donor Walls & Honor Boards 

Purple and grey digital directory honor wall and recognition board with single alumni name, photo and quote for California Western School of Law.

Digital Donor Wall – California Western School of Law

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we at TouchSource know that a well-designed digital directories can have a major impact on the student experience. We aim to make campus navigation is easy and enjoyable.

So why not take the first step towards a stress-free campus experience and explore the power of digital directories? Hop on a call with our solutions experts to discuss your goals and get a customized quote that fits your budget.

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