How TouchSource Helps Stream Realty Office Tower Deliver Tech-First Experience

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Copart Tower accommodates international guests and impresses with TouchSource visitor solution

Project Introduction

Copart Tower is a 30-year-old building with 412,000 square feet of office space just off the tollway in Dallas, Texas. Managed by Stream Realty, the property was bought by online auto auction business Copart in early 2020. It was slated to be a premium office location for the company’s global headquarters, designed to host visitors from all over the world. But for the new owners, outdated building amenities wouldn’t do. They wanted modern features and a grand experience for their visitors.

Led by architecture firm ENTOS Design, the building underwent a multi-phase renovation that creates an inviting space with interactive features, lighting and aesthetics. Aside from the atrium, lobby, management office and restrooms being upgraded, stunning additions have been added. These include a lounge, barber shop, coffee kiosk, security desk, and robust furniture package. Plus, the addition of a digital building directory from TouchSource in the central area of the lobby.

The Solution

The large format 55-inch touch screen directory features infotainment, local amenities, and traffic information. To fit the property’s chic new feel, ENTOS opted for the directory to be fully recessed into the granite lobby wall and housed in a modern matte black enclosure.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Copart Tower - Dallas, TX This 1-pager explores how Stream Realty adds value using a digital display at Copart's global headquarters.  

TouchSource spoke with Lexi Avalos, Property Manager with Stream Realty, about how the directory helps give the building a modern edge.

TouchSource: How is the new directory an improvement for the building?
Lexi Avalos: Like other properties built in the 1980s, Copart Tower’s original furnishings made it outdated. The atrium was bland and uninviting, like a train station. The existing building directory sign consisted of magnetic strips with tenant names and suite numbers. Our new directory is a night-and-day difference. It goes beyond just listing building tenants. It shows local amenities and traffic maps, which are very helpful features for the types of tenants and visitors we have. We also have the mobile directory feature, so people can scan the directory and take it with them on their phones. It’s a tech-first experience.

Copart Tower TouchSource Directory

What other improvements are part of the building renovation project?
LA: When it came to the renovation, the building owners wanted to be on the edgier side of the commercial market. They’re putting everything they can into making this a great building. They have done lobby upgrades, added a hair studio and plenty of mixed-use seating. They installed a new parking garage management system which really gives an updated look even before you enter the building.

How was TouchSource chosen as a vendor?
LA: We had a TouchSource directory in Tollway Center, a property down the street that I used to manage. So, I already knew TouchSource’s platform was user-friendly and that I could rely on their team’s quick support in case of any troubleshooting. On the software end, we liked the directory features. We ended up ordering the same program features as we had at Tollway Center.

As a user, what directory features are most helpful to you?
LA: I’ve worked with a lot of other directories and vendors, and TouchSource makes it very easy to make updates to the tenant directory as well as share building specific information. With TouchSource, it doesn’t take forever to make an update – you can push it through right away.


What features do tenants and visitors enjoy the most? How about management?
It’s beneficial that people visiting from out of town can use the directory to easily find local amenities, like restaurants. But we’re most excited to use it to advertise in-building events using the directory’s slideshow feature. We plan on using the directory to market in-building services and specials. For example, we just opened a hair studio on the first floor, and there’s a café offering weekly specials. We want building employees and visitors to know all the great ways they can use the building.

Copart Tower lobby

Credit: Light in Texas Photography

Copart Tower Lobby with TouchSource Directory

Credit: Light in Texas Photography


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