Bringing Earth Day to Life: Our Commitment to Sustainable Practices

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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to consider their impact on the environment. That’s why, as a digital signage solutions company, TouchSource is proud to be at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable future. We believe that every company has a responsibility to operate in an eco-friendly manner, and we’re committed to helping our clients do the same.

Here are the specific ways in which we’re working to create a more sustainable future for all.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

One way we’re achieving this is by providing digital building directories that eliminate the need for traditional paper, poster board, and slat sign directories. Not only does this save our clients time and money (thousands of dollars in a year, in some cases), but it also reduces their environmental impact by decreasing their reliance on materials that need constant replacing.

With our easy-to-use platform, clients can change messaging and update listings at the click of a button, making it simpler than ever to keep their directories up-to-date. And with over 11,000 digital building directory clients already benefiting from our solutions, we’re confident that we’re making a meaningful difference in the world of sustainability.

Creating a Positive, Continuous Impact

TouchSource is a company that believes in continuous improvement. We’re not just talking about sustainability and Earth Day, but every day. Our commitment to creating positive, continuous impact means we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and invest in our community. This isn’t just something we do on Earth Day — it’s an always-on decision that results in solutions that reduce the impact on the environment and help invest in our community.

Social Mission

TouchSource is committed to investing in our environment, world and people. We do this by:

  • Employees who volunteer to foster dogs, rehabilitate injured raptors, serve disadvantaged children and coordinate neighborhood events.
  • Raising funds and donations for important causes, whether it’s clothing and goods for Denver’s homeless populations or Colorado wildfire victims who’ve lost their homes.
  • Making excess product inventory available to hospitals, clinics and schools during the pandemic.

Green Efforts

TouchSource is a Colorado-based company, so we’re always looking for ways to support our local community. We source solutions from local companies whenever possible, and we look for vendors who offer green solutions. Our recycling program includes everything from warehouse materials to paper and office supplies. We also have been using compostable coffee pods in our break room since 2016!

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have an onsite compost bin that collects food scraps from the kitchen area at TouchSource’s Lafayette office location (and any other locations where it might be needed!). Sometimes, we even get our group together for community clean-up days, where actively pick up litter from neighborhood parks.

People Matter

We’re proud to share that our company reflects the global community that we serve. We offer an inclusive environment that helps our people grow personally and professionally.

We’re a cross-sectional group of core team members who meet regularly to strategize how we can do more, and we’ve been working together for years. We’ve implemented changes in our hiring practices, sourcing materials, supporting talent and investing in our community. Some of our people-focused initiatives include:

  • Job shadowing
  • Special interest groups to encourage sub-communities
  • Regular employee surveys, so we’re always keeping a pulse on what our team members want and need
  • Continuous learning opportunities through Udemy

We believe that people matter — and so does the environment they work in!


We are grateful to our customers who provide us the opportunity to serve them. We are grateful for our people, who work hard every day and make a difference in the lives of others. And we’re thankful for our community, which supports us as we strive towards creating a better world.

Thank you for supporting TouchSource by choosing us as your partner in business communication solutions!


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