Can You Use Consumer TVs for Commercial Digital Signage?

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Brightness and display versatility

Commercial signage displays have a better brightness range than traditional TVs. In fact, most digital signage displays have screens that are up to 10 times brighter than those of regular televisions. In addition, unlike consumer TVs, digital signage has anti-glare technology for optimal viewing. Why? Think about the settings where your digital signage will be seen: outdoors in direct sunlight or indoors in environments with bright fluorescent lighting.

The average home is unlikely to utilize the same bright lighting that you typically see in commercial spaces. That’s why TVs intended to be used in a home will appear washed out and difficult to read in these bright environments. Dim signage won’t be helpful to guests who need to find their way around within your space. Bright, vivid displays are visually appealing to your guests, easier to see and use, and are better suited for your commercial space.

Additionally, consumer TVs are meant to be viewed one way only: in landscape mode. In most settings, you’ll want digital signage that can be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode. Could you simply turn a TV on its side? Yes, you could, but since a TV’s vents aren’t designed to work in that position, the extra heat will lead to a very short life for the TV. A consumer TV is designed to be on for around eight hours a day, but your digital signage will likely be in use 24 hours a day, several days of the week.

Perhaps more importantly, television warranties cover home use only, not professional use, so you’d be looking at replacing the entire TV at full price.

When you choose commercial digital signage, you can be assured that the display monitor is adequately vented, can be used in either portrait or landscape position, and has a warranty for commercial use.

Design and function

Picture the TV you have in your home. It probably has a thick, plastic frame and either sits on a stand or is mounted on a wall. It probably has a logo somewhere, too. If you build a video wall using consumer televisions, the thick, plastic frames and attached logos of a consumer TV will display a brand that’s not your own and prevent you from creating a smooth, sleek aesthetic.

How many times have you moved your TV over the years? Probably not many, as consumer TVs are designed to stay in one place with minimal movement. Commercial digital displays, on the other hand, are manufactured to be sturdier and longer-lived than your standard TV. Manufactures know that these monitors are not likely to stay in one location. In addition, many digital signs will be touched by hundreds, if not thousands, of people per day. That’s why commercial monitors include fingerprint-resistant screens, thinner frames, and removable logos and branding.

Want to build a video wall with professional digital signage? No problem: the sturdy, thin borders and lack of branding on commercial digital displays seamlessly connect to create an attractive, advanced-looking video wall.

Controls and inputs

If you’re using a consumer TV, the controls are made to be accessible. Have you ever had a person push the wrong button on your TV or remote? Now, imagine how easily someone can accidentally or deliberately turn up the volume or change the input on your consumer TV display. Imagine if this were to happen in a retail outlet or a high-traffic environment where the display is controlled off site. What a headache!

With commercial displays, the controls are out of reach for anyone who might be tempted to crank up the volume or hit the power button. On some models, certain controls can even be disabled. And, if your monitors are operated from an off-site control room, professional digital signage has the technology to operate smoothly even from a remote location.

When you make the investment in digital displays, you want to be sure you buy the right product that will meet your goals. Choosing high-quality, digital monitors specifically designed for commercial usage over TVs ensures bright, beautiful, versatile displays for years to come. While purchasing TVs might seem like an inexpensive option, they will almost certainly cost much more money over the long run. In addition, you’re limited by a TV’s technical capabilities.

Don’t sacrifice long-term quality and user experience. Our expert consultants at TouchSource can help you select the right commercial displays for your space.

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