Buyers Guide: Intelligent Digital Signage for Government & Nonprofits

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Greet Constituents with Digitized Self-Service

Government building managers face some big challenges in the post-COVID world, chief among them are keeping people safe as they return to work and everyday routines. Local, state and federal government agencies are responsible for a staggering amount of facilities – many of which are open to the public for a variety of activities ranging from requesting a permit at the local city hall to touring a U.S. Mint building.

″Nearly three-fourths of respondents indicated that COVID-19 has accelerated their government’s digital transformation, yet 80% of respondents believe that their organizations’ digital efforts haven’t gone far enough.″ Seven pivots for government’s digital transformation – Deloitte

All face the same need: to welcome employees and visitors, provide efficient wayfinding directions and relay important information – including the latest COVID-19 safety updates and protocols. That’s why government facilities are using intelligent digital signage solutions – including digital directories and kiosks – to deliver dynamic digital communications throughout the building. It informs, delivers a satisfying experience, and creates safe and efficient traffic flows.

Government Signage Solutions: What Is Intelligent Digital Signage?

Public health and safety are paramount for any government facility. Local, state, and federal authorities recognize that the information people receive when they walk into a facility can either help or hinder an individual’s experience and overall perception of government.

Intelligent digital signage is a highly visible way to connect with the public that also aligns with the government’s broader commitment to leverage technology to operate more efficiently and save taxpayers’ money. Intelligent digital signage is increasingly a go-to solution that delivers on the tech promise.

Digital displays and kiosks provide a compelling experience for employees and visitors, all while playing a critical role in conveying real-time information to people as they enter, exit, and move about a property or complex. It’s also a fast, affordable addition to any property with messaging displayed in multiple languages that can be easily updated and tailored to individual properties and dynamic situations.

Top Features and Installation Recommendations

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