7 Top Benefits of Video Walls

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What should you look for in a video wall solution?

Including a video wall in your property’s digital signage plans can make all the difference in attracting new tenants and keeping the ones you have. From adding colorful vibrancy and movement to your space, to sharing multiple types of content on screen, a video wall is a transformational upgrade – at a fraction of the cost associated with a renovation. Discover the benefits of video walls for your property or campus. For more information, download the Video Wall Buyers Guide.

A bright blue and yellow infographic with digital signage photos throughout that highlights 7 main benefits of video wall digital signage and electronic wall art.

Why Do You Need a Video Wall?

If you’re looking for digital signage that will allow you to create an immersive, memorable experience, video walls are the perfect solution. Large, vibrant and engaging, video walls have many uses. What’s more, they’re accessible for a wide range of budgets. Let’s look at some of their top benefits.

Video Walls in in Commercial Real Estate

Create a Halo Effect for Tenants. Tenants want to create the right first impression to and prospective employees after a hard year of pandemic recovery. Executives want their workplace to reflect the quality of their brand. They expect the lobby and amenities to match these expectations. With competition for tenants at an all-time peak, upgrade your space for a fraction of the cost of knocking down walls. Add a beautiful and functional TouchSource video walls, digital art and infotainment signage throughout your lobby and elevator banks.

Video Walls in Education

Inform, Inspire and Entertain for Messaging Reach with Impact. It’s hard to say that we’re post-pandemic when so many are experiencing break-through cases of COVID or variants affecting those who haven’t been vaccinated yet. That means that colleges and universities have a continued need to educate students, employees, visiting parents and vendors. Entertaining while educating is a modern tactic that successfully reaches hard-to-influence audiences. Adding exciting, eye-catching video walls to student union areas, community spaces and highly traffic spots such as cafeterias can serve multiple purposes. That includes the ability to display inspiring digital art from local artists, health messaging, campus and local events and news. Video Wall canvases enable you to deliver practical content on top of mood-shaping backdrops.

Video Walls in Healthcare

Shape Patient Mood while Getting Your Messages Across. Healthcare is focused on people and their good health. That includes mind and body wellness. As practitioners work to serve patients, they also can shape their visitors’ experiences while they wait for appointments. Video Walls serve as a mood shaping experience that can calm, soothe and captivate visitor attention while awaiting stress-inducing services. The use of digital art and motion graphic landscapes can create a focal point of drama which also serves to deliver health messaging such as news on flu shots, COVID mask requirements and other wellness messages.

Providers also can use the screen to post health questionnaires paired with QR codes for scannable forms that can be securely completed by patients on their mobile devices. Why is it secure? Because of QR codes links directly to your own forms and websites. For busy medical office buildings and hospital campuses, add wayfinding to get patients to appointments or to local transportation after their visit. All on an inspiring canvas for digital artwork.

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