New Research: ROI of Digital Building Signage

Author Christine Viera

Budgeting & Justifying Digital Experience Technology for Buildings

Well-planned digital technology can help you upgrade any building for tenant appeal, visitor convenience, and outright bragging rights for your dramatic building architecture. 

These days, digital experiences technologies offer so much more than a building directory. It should include all of the digital touchpoints that help people appreciate, value and use your building. Being able to create a seamless experience across touchpoints from your lobby and parking garage to your conference rooms and tenant floors is essential these days. It’s also expected by digital generations and tenants who are wooing people back to their buildings.   

The real focus should be on what content, place-making, or community-making experience you want to offer. Experts at crafting content experiences (which we do), will help you plan what content you want from a library of options; what digital displace size(s), locations, and placement serve your property; and how to easily maintain both the content and the display. 

Digital Signage Research & Budgeting Tools 

Making the case for moving off of slat directories, posters, and outdated visuals can be difficult. And most property teams and building managers will only invest in digital building experiences every 5-10 years. So, it can be a daunting process to understand. There’s not much out there to help busy building and property managers navigate the process. 

1. ROI of Digital Signage Research Report

That’s why Intel and TouchSource partnered with Propmodo to create new research. The result is a guide to the use cases for digital signage; the potential cost and time savings; and a guide to sustainability and other benefits of modernizing your building with digital experience displays. 

Propmodo, a leader in the property technology industry, researched criteria for selecting the right building signage for your needs and painted a path to showing the ROI of the investment. The report explores: 

  • What does digital building signage technology do these days? What’s a good digital experience? 
  • How should I approach budgeting and total cost of ownership? 
  • Which criteria should I focus on when I pick a vendor? 
  • How do I justify digital experience signage to the management team? 

Use this research report to help justify your digital signage investment and refine your strategy over time.  We can also partner with you on ROI use cases more specific to your property. One client, Community Helping Place, estimated that [they spent $30,000 a year on printed collateral and that investing in an information kiosk was more cost-effective, easier to maintain, and reached more people. Let us help you find your winning story.  

➤ Get the Budgeting Resource Kit to access the research

Fact that building digital signage displays can boost building engagement by 59 percent, according to Intel.

2. Video Webinar: Budgeting and Price Ranges of Popular Digital Experience Signage Options.

Two experienced TouchSource executives, our CEO Ajay Kapoor and Susan Brubaker, VP of Sales, share invaluable advice earned from having worked with 1000s of customers. They offer guidance on: 

  • Understand planning for traffic flow and space optimization to maximize the impact of your digital signage. 
  • Learn why evaluating total cost ownership is so critical when selecting digital signage solutions. 
  • Gain valuable tips on spotting hidden costs and avoiding deceptive lowball vendor offers. 
  • Learn about budgeting “Rules of Thumb” and hacks, plus resources you could pull from to get the solution you want. 
  • Get ballpark price ranges for the most popular digital experience signage solutions.

You’ll learn information that will help you successfully plan and get funding for smart digital signage. This session is designed to help you and your stakeholders make smart and informed choices.  

If you like what you heard, we can help you adapt our research-backed presentation to your own project to save you time and help you win over stakeholders.  

➤ Get the Budgeting Resource Kit for the video on demand.

3. Purchase Justification Letter

Whenever you have management teams involved, you need to win their support on making technology purchases. That’s done through meetings, your diligent homework, and supporting materials. To that end, we have a template for a letter justifying your purchase and explaining the ROI.

➤ Get the Budgeting Resource Kit for the template.



Budgeting for digital signage solutions is a multi-faceted process that demands careful consideration of objectives, costs, content management, and security. When you know what’s included in the Total Cost of Ownership, you can make the most informed decisions to implement and manage your digital signage successfully. 

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