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Contactless Conference Room and Space Signage Solution with an Artistic Flair

Meet the latest product family innovations from TouchSource: digital, contactless conference room and space signage. Facility managers can seamlessly display all reservable spaces on a digital building directory, central meeting room board or conference room signage with beautiful digital interfaces that engage people on a platform-as-a-service signage model that’s easy to deploy.

Contactless Digital Conference Room and Space Signage Solution

TouchSource GroupSpaces™ and TouchSource SharedSpaces™ are digital, contactless signage solutions for displaying events, meetings, flex office space and room reservation from your common calendar tools. Reduce the need for employees to confirm what meetings are in different rooms. It’s all on a display. At the room or open space, small beautifully designed signage confirms which meetings are scheduled. No more confusion over who has booked the room.

  • TouchSource GroupSpaces™ aggregates all the meetings scheduled for your conference rooms and any desk or space reservations and shows them on your digital directory, messaging board or kiosk. The reservations are shown in a beautifully designed format that integrates into your tenant listings or other content. Use your existing TouchSource display with GroupSpaces to show meeting schedules or reservations or talk to us about upgrading to the latest in digital signage.
TouchSource GroupSpaces Master Calendar of Events

TouchSource GroupSpaces: Display Events & Space Reservations

  • TouchSource SharedSpaces™ is an all-in-one digital sign which includes software that shows what meetings are in a single conference room or space. The sleek, elegant display shows the day’s reservations with options for inspiring scenic backgrounds. It’s the perfect size for at-a-glance viewing of meetings or space reservations and enhances the aesthetics and style of any space. No need to buy software and hardware separately—it’s an all-in-one platform as service that’s low cost and effortless to maintain.
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TouchSource SharedSpaces Conference Room & Space Signage

Open Space Reservations and Density Management

In the post-pandemic world, facility managers need to make workspaces more attractive and functional. Whether you want to manage desks in open floor plans, flex co-working stations, or student study rooms on campus—TouchSource GroupSpaces and SharedSpaces empower you to make traditional conference rooms and non-traditional “spots” and “spaces” reservable.

What’s more, reservations are visible to all from the GroupSpaces calendar on your lobby display or the on-the-spot SharedSpaces display closer to the available spaces. This enables you to deliver smart “density management” solutions with signage that is easily repurposed for other uses post- pandemic.

Simple to Deploy & Easy to Use Conference Room Management

What makes these solutions truly innovative is ease of use, ownership and the hallmark artistry that TouchSource puts into all of our products. Our digital conference room management suite integrates with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Whether you’re managing the master calendar, or you empower users to book their own meetings—room reservations auto-sync with our solutions so that events and meetings seamlessly show up on your TouchSource displays.

Business User Friendly

No need for IT to set it up. We’ve done the heavy lift. Also, no more hassles over who reserved a room. It shows who booked the space right on the display outside the room or in the lobby. Combined with the complete suite of TouchSource digital directory and information solutions for buildings, you can now consolidate with a single, trusted provider for all of your digital signage, video wall and kiosk needs. Learn more about these solutions and our product portfolio.

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