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Millan Enterprises Impresses Visitors by Adding a Digital Directory and 3D Wayfinding to its Downtown Clarksville Property

49" recessed digital directory solutionMillan Enterprises is a residential and commercial real estate company based in the heart of Clarksville, Tennessee. Every building the company acquires goes through a remodel, resulting in an edgy modern look and industrial feel. Many of these are older properties with unique layouts, and sometimes, they are larger buildings that get divided into smaller suites. Navigating these complex spaces has been a challenge for tenants and visitors. That’s why Millan Enterprises views the addition of digital signage to their properties as a key part of their successful solution.  

In 2018, the company was renovating its North Second Street building, formally known as the Regions Building. They realized that wayfinding throughout the 3-story building would continue to be a strain on the visitor experience. 

As a solution, the owners purchased a 49” vertical recessed TouchSource Mirada digital wall directory with 3D wayfinding for their first-floor lobby entrance.  

Property managers say the directory is a stunning showpiece for the building and has been a hit. Millan plans to purchase more directories for their other commercial buildings. For starters, they have already deployed a TouchSource Pantella wall-mounted directory at their Commerce Street building.  

TouchSource recently spoke with Christina Hayes, Property Manager for Millan Enterprises, to learn how installing the new directory has improved the visitor experience. 

Can you share how the property owners decided on the TouchSource Mirada digital directory? 

The business owners, Lilly and Leo Millan, were visiting Nashville when they saw a TouchSource directory used in another commercial building. It looked so crisp and high tech—nothing else caught their eye like this one. The sales representative I spoke with was excellent and helpful as we were communicating back and forth about our needs. Going with TouchSource was an easy choice for us.  

What are some features you’ve found to be most helpful?

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Cosmetically, the directory is beautiful–we love that it’s recessed into the wall. Wayfinding is also very helpful, because a lot of our buildings are older and oddly configured to begin with. Suites are in odd places. The fact that anyone can find anything now has been a relief. The directory features a list of tenants, building information, local amenities and traffic patterns. But one of the biggest benefits is that we can easily manage the directory using a computer when we need to update information for our spaces.  

As a property manager, how has using a digital directory helped save time and resources? 

The TouchSource Mirada directory is truly a plug-and-play system that we don’t need to worry about. After the initial investment, we have not had to put any additional resources into maintaining it, which frees us up to do more activities that help our business grow. The directory is a point of pride and has become a central part of the building experience, and we also use it as a tool to help market available office space. It’s definitely worth it. 

What feedback have you received about the directory? 

Our main Millan Enterprises office is also located in the Regions Building, so we’ve received great feedback from any of our tenants who have needed to stop by. They’re happy with being able to find our office, and we’ve also been told how nice the directory looks where it is. It was the first one we bought, and we’re planning to order more. If you’re driving by at night, you can see the directory lit up with our logo clearly through the glass windows. In Clarksville, we try to stay ahead of the real estate game, and no one else here has anything like our directory.  

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