How Digital Directories Serve as a Top Health Information Channel

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Digital Directories as Public Health Information Channel

In the face of a global health threat, many organizations are experiencing staffing shortages and disruptions, have shorter hours, and need to get visitors to destinations with safe social distancing. When discussing “communications” channels—many naturally think about email, phone, websites and online/offline advertising.

But your best channel yet may be your digital building directories and signage. For patients that still need to see doctors, there’s no way around a visit to a healthcare provider. While virtual medicine has tremendous promise and is on the rise. It doesn’t fit every need. So why not harness every tool at your disposal to serve panicked patients with essential information?

Digitize Your Spaces to Direct, Defray and Defend

TouchSource displays and directories have always been a great platform for communicating information to tenants and visitors. Given concerns about the COVID-19 virus, customers have asked about new ways to share useful public health information. Directions and health information should be easy to deliver without exposing staff to unnecessary exposure to illness.

Here’s our advice. Think of your displays as instant-update signposts and message boards. They can display news and hygiene tips as easily they can provide directions using a non-touch, scannable QR code. Directory information can be delivered at a glance and viewable by visitors at a distance. Using QR codes, they can get directions that can be followed via their mobile phones. All in no-touch mode.

Digital displays and kiosks have never been more relevant. Busy health professionals are seeing and planning for a surge in patients. When patients show up at health facilities, volunteers and staff may be scarce. With staffing changes, many can expect a rise in lost visitors who stop at the nearest spots looking for directions. That creates localized hot spots of high traffic by potentially ill people—which exposes the staff to illness. Yet we all want to deliver and experience compassionate, smart and healing care. So, it’s time to digitize your spaces for regular and after hours care directions and information delivery.

Got Soap?

Smaller digital signage displays have another role besides showing conference room information. We’ve seen customers innovate with key applications from displaying instructions on proper handwashing techniques in Neonatal Infant Care Units to a 20-second entertaining count down on screen that helps people hit the right timing for a good handwashing regimen.

Possibilities are unlimited. From hands-free instructions on signing in for a doctor’s visit to wait time notices and social distancing reminders—digital signage is versatile, viewable from a distance and viable in a public health conscious era.

Say More, Share More, Serve More

Digital displays can be a solution that serves you well in today’s unusual times. As easily, that signage serves everyday needs such as announcing flu shots, health tips and workout tips when we embrace easier times again. It’s an investment designed for urgent information sharing and steady information flow to the people and patients you serve.

Let us know how we can help you deliver information on demand and on the spot.

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