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TouchSource has been designing and providing electronic directories, wayfinding, and digital signage solutions to educational facilities for many years. We develop our systems from the ground up to ensure they’re easy for clients like you to install, update, and maintain, allowing you to set your campus apart from other learning institutions. Whether for a single building or an entire campus, our touchscreen directories help you communicate important announcements, directions, event information, and more. We offer a number of enclosure styles, so you’ll be sure to find the right style and format for your needs.

Digital solutions for educational institutions

At TouchSource, we understand that every campus has its own unique needs. Our user-friendly building directories  can be built and programmed to meet the requirements of your school, faculty, students, and guests. Some of the solutions offered through our touchscreen directories include:

Directory services

  • Touchscreen/non-touchscreen directories
  • List of departments
  • List of staff
  • Classrooms and lecture halls
  • Amenities
  • Public announcements


  • Color-coded floor plans
  • Floor plans with animated destination paths
  • Campus maps
  • Mobile wayfinding for smartphones and tablets


  • Upcoming events
  • On-campus activities

Digital signage

  • Public announcements
  • Welcome messages
  • Alerts
  • Events
  • Menus

Donor appreciation

  • Donor walls
  • Donor brick programs
  • Wayfinding to donor walls
  • Donor bios
  • Donor information

Website links

  • Link to school website
  • Display website information and events
  • Link to external websites

The benefits of touchscreen directories

Switching to touchscreen directories has a number of benefits for your school. Perhaps one of the biggest draws is the ability to switch out information as it happens. Unlike traditional directories that often require designing, printing, and manually hanging new or updated information, digital building directories allow remote updates to one simple database, which can then be pushed to one or even multiple displays at any time with the click of a button. This comes in remarkably handy  for everything from staff or room changes, amended contact information, modification to upcoming events, or even just broadcasting the day’s important announcements.

Additional bonuses include:

  • Fully customizable screen design and content
  • Increased accessibility for students and staff with disabilities
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Faster access to necessary information
  • Reduced staffing needs
  • Privacy and security
  • Around-the-clock availability

Contact TouchSource today to find out more about how you can increase the productivity, communications, and even your school budget through the convenience and practicality of digital building directories.

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