7 Ways to Improve Engagement with Digital Signage

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Harness the Power of Digital for a Better Experience with Less Work

Digital building technologies have changed the way businesses interact with customers by transforming user experiences. Whether in healthcare, retail, or property management setting, digital directories can provide useful information. Initially, these displays could provide maps, directions, marketing promotions, upcoming events, and more.

One of the latest advances in digital technologies has to do with digital wayfinding systems. Wayfinding directories typically display a map or layout of the property to enable people to find where they want to go.

1. Improved Mapping Features

Eye-catching, easy to read maps can be created based on your needs for your building, campus and community. You can choose from static maps or animated wayfinding, fully customizable to fit your specific needs and requirements.

2. Mutli-Language Support

Digital and touchscreen directories can be configured to offer foreign language support. Depending on your business and environment, enabling this option further improves engagement with users. They are able to get the information they require, whether it is directions to a specific office or retail business or other types of content you want to share.

3. Virtual Receptionist

Users can access direct dial links to any listing in your corporate directories. They can even call the listing by pressing the button on the touchscreen and do not need to know the phone number or even use their own phone. Utilizing this app feature helps increase customer engagement because it enables self-service options for your customers.

4. Mobile Device Integration

Imagine if you could transfer step-by-step walking directions from the wayfinding system to your smartphone or tablet. You can, with our solutions and systems. Enabling this feature makes it possible for your users to transfer the information from your system to their smartphone. In addition, you could potentially deliver other relevant content alongside the directions, such as a display ad, current weather, or other such information.

Mobile device integration is an essential feature you will want with touchscreen wayfinding systems. A touchscreen system used in public spaces should not capitalize on a single user’s attention. Otherwise, you are missing out on other people, who will simply walk by and not stop. Additionally, it can lead to under-utilization.

Ideally, you want to attract as many people as you can to use the system. This requires using condensed information that can be displayed quickly with the option to transfer it to their mobile device. Then, once uploaded to the mobile device, you can incorporate other content to keep the person engaged while freeing up the display for someone else to use.

With our mobile device integration, you can incorporate your branding and marketing as part of the information delivered to your customers’ smartphones. Best of all, your customers do not have to download an app. They can get their wayfinding directions and your branding/marketing messages through text messages (standard data rates may apply), or by enabling the use of QR (Quick Response) codes.

5. Improved Branding

Part of customer engagement is communications. Consistent branding is an essential aspect of all businesses, regardless of whether they offer products or services, or simply own the building where the wayfinding system is installed.

Our digital signage solutions allow you to create brand unity, reflective of your brand’s logos, product names, colors, images, and more. Brand unity not only improves customer engagement but also improves user experiences by making them consistent and more pleasant.

The directories in your wayfinding solution can include image and logo upload capabilities. You can use this feature to display flyers and details about upcoming events and to further develop your brand messaging for your products and services.

 In addition, when combined with mobile device integration, you can further utilize the mobile continuity of your wayfinding solution. You can enable what content is delivered via text message or through QR codes to your customers’ smartphone.

You are free to tailor your content to fit your exact type of business or property management style in order to provide the information your customers want to see. Plus, with TouchSource, there is never any third-party advertising on our subscriptions. You are in complete control and truly own your space on every TouchSource display.

To illustrate, hospitals could advertise various services they offer onsite that visitors and patients might be unaware of, such as getting flu shots, pregnancy screenings, and so on. Property managers could use this feature to advertise vacant properties for rent or condos for sale in their buildings. You could even sell advertising space to local businesses to turn your digital wayfinding systems into revenue generators!

With the easy-to-use TouchSource customer interface, marketing and other relevant messaging can be uploaded in about a minute to your wayfinding displays. This allows you to provide communications to the user quickly and easily.

In addition, anytime you want to update, change, or modify the types of content and messages displayed, you can do so from a single source. You do not have to visit every display or worry about swapping out conventionally printed signage. You simply access the digital wayfinding software, make what updates you desire, and save your changes. In about a minute, the new settings are transmitted to every display.

6. Control over Content

With our solutions, you have complete control over the content, whether you use standardized or customizable content options. This includes enabling you to choose which types of ads are displayed, as well as creating a schedule of times when you want various content displayed on the screens to make the most impact on your customers.

You are free to tailor your content to fit your exact type of business or property management style in order to provide the information your customers want to see. Plus, with TouchSource, there is never any third-party advertising on our subscriptions. You are in complete control and truly own your space on every TouchSource display.

When you implement engaging content on your digital wayfinding systems, it can automatically generate new leads, which can result in conversions. From the moment they first interact with the display, you can start providing content in real-time, based on the users’ input and what information they are trying to obtain from the system.

 7. Customizable Digital Wayfinding Solutions

While some businesses have fairly straightforward wayfinding display needs, many others have their own set of unique challenges. Here at TouchSource, our goal is to work with each of our clients and help develop a solution and system that will work best for their needs. We also make sure the content they want to deliver is easy to maintain, manage, and update.

We understand the challenges custom design and programming can present in regards to cost. Our objective is to present our clients with suitable custom solutions that are as affordable and efficient as possible while still meeting their requirements.

As you can see, customer engagement in the digital world is an important marketing aspect you should not overlook. If you are still using conventional signage, or just using flat screen TVs to display content, you are not fully utilizing customer engagement methods.

Touchscreens provide the added engagement you need today to remain competitive and improve user experiences. Sure, any business can have a TV tuned to the local weather with national ads, but what good does that do the business? Doesn’t a touchscreen display which users can interact with and still see the local weather, along with your own tailored ads, sound much better?

You can even incorporate your social media platforms so users can catch up with your latest tweets, Facebook posts, and more! Talk to us about solutions from wall-mounted displays to walk-up kiosks and digital displays for elevators.

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