Smart Education Digital Signage Ideas

Smart Education Digital Signage Ideas


Help Students Find Faculty  & Staff

Digital signage helps students quickly locate faculty and staff offices, buildings and rooms.

Interactive wayfinding maps make it easy to find parking, athletics, administrative offices and other key no more getting lost.

Simple Wayfinding

Post the latest upcoming events, safety updates, and helpful information for visitors.

Share News  & Popular Resources

Recognize  Donors & Alumni

Showcase achievements, say "thanks" and even collect on-the-spot donations with a digital donor board or honor wall.

Here's how colleges and universities are using education digital signage on campus. 


Iowa State University

The school's Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition has a digital directory listing faculty and staff offices across multiple buildings.

Ames, IA


University of Mississippi

Ole Miss offers a colorful aerial wayfinding map of its 3,497-acre campus with location markers and an interactive key.

Oxford, MS


University of Portland

University of Portland uses a touch screen digital directory to share maps, admissions visitor information, parking details and dining options.

Portland, OR


California Western  School of Law

California Western School of Law uses its digital directory as a donor board, with rotating inspirational alumni testimonials.

San Diego, CA

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