5 incredible uses for video walls

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Video walls are impressive and captivating tools to engage audiences and create immersive environments.

Here are 5 ways that video walls can raise engagement and transform spaces!


Amplify Entertainment

Use video walls to take live experiences to the next level, from music concerts to sporting events.


Elevate Student Life

Create a dynamic hub for student life. Showcase student clubs, upcoming events, introduce key staff, and promote helpful resources for use  on campus.


Transform  Corporate Spaces

Create a visually dynamic resource wall  in the lobby with a mix of news and event highlights, current traffic information, or transit schedules.


Give a Warm Welcome

Welcome groups, employees, and stakeholders to the building with a video wall display that leaves a lasting impression.


Set a Soothing Tone

Channel serenity using a video wall display showing soothing still images or live motion art.