Video Blog – What’s Trending in Digital Signage? | July 29, 2022

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Displays for Small Buildings, Hybrid Solutions and “Designer Directories”

We are in the age of property transformation, with building owners and operators focused on staying relevant amid the rise of remote working. Property companies are looking to make a splashy post-pandemic, proving they are here to stay. And to do that, their in-building experience needs to be on point. More often than not, technology for their spaces is an integral part of renovations.

Our team “on the streets” – at home, in the office, or in the field speaking with our customers, says that interest in digital solutions is up in 3 key areas. Christine Klemann and Cole Stevens from our Business Development Team break down what’s hot in digital signage right now.

Popular Signage Solutions: What They’re Looking For

Here are 3 things that are driving demand for digital signage and software.

1. DIRECTORIES FOR SMALLER BUILDINGS. Over the past month, our team has seen a rise in requests for digital signage in smaller buildings. These are properties with typically 10 tenants or less, and between 1-to-3 stories. Usually, the biggest objection to installing digital directories on these types of properties is that they have few tenants to list.

What we’re hearing now is that although these owners and managers are conscious of their budgets, they care about standing out and being competitive. This is driving them to invest in their spaces.

2. SMALL FOOTPRINT DIGITAL SIGNAGE. It’s not just building lobbies getting all the attention. More and more, customers are interested in acquiring smaller screen displays for more niche purposes. Think out-the-door conference room signage through which people can reserve rooms, list meetings times and when the room is occupied. Or, digital name signs for salon suites. In this example, many tenants like hair stylists and even aestheticians may only use their rented spaces on select days. They may even share suites with another person. Digital signs help communicate to clients who is occupying those spaces, or list what appointments are coming up that day. Other use cases for smaller digital signage include offices that practice “hoteling,” or co-working spaces.

3. “DESIGNER DIRECTORIES”. Owners and managers are planning for more than just a digital directory sign: Their software and hardware are part of the space “experience.” If they want a true showpiece that blends with the aesthetics of their space, architects and design firms are brought in to help carry out these concepts. The end-product signage may look modern and give off a luxurious appeal. Let us call them “designer directories.”

Interested in how a digital solution can enhance your building experience? Contact us for a short consultation call today.

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