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Experience is the New Normal

New generations of consumers, transformational technologies and visionaries in property, retail and healthcare management are changing the way we use shared spaces.

Lines are blurring among the spaces where we live, work, shop, dine and play. Our busy, technology-infused lives make us more apt to look for conveniences everywhere. We expect great service and easy access to information on-the-go.

Whether it’s the five minutes we spend waiting in a lobby for a colleague, the two minutes we spend riding in an elevator or the ten minutes we have to grab lunch in an unfamiliar area—we believe it should be easy to find relevant, localized information quickly.

And it needs to be delivered with simple, turnkey solutions that just get you rolling fast with low effort, low upkeep and minimal starting costs. Learn what common retail and mixed use business challenges we can help you solve so you can engage shoppers and help retailers succeed.

Welcome to the age of activated retail and mixed use spaces.


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