TouchSource is Taking Free-Standing Kiosks to New Heights

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TouchSource’s popular Alta free-standing, interactive directory just got even better! The new models of our electronic kiosks are so versatile that you can place them anywhere in your healthcare facility, office building, or college campus without taking up wall space. In an age where customers are accustomed to using their smart phones and computer devices for even the most mundane tasks, the Alta’s cutting-edge Samsung LED screens with glass touchscreen overlay make the user interface sharp, easy to read, and visually interesting.

With so many makes and models of digital directories available these days, what are some important considerations when deciding on the desired features of a touchscreen interactive kiosk?

First, one should examine how the interactive directory will be used. For instance, if a building has hundreds of offices, a large screen would be most appropriate since visitors might get frustrated scrolling through a long directory on a small screen. Our new Alta models have several large sizes available – from 43” – 65” screens – to give it plenty of space to fit all the information that you need to display.

Second, one needs to think about the complexity of the area that visitors need to navigate through. Large medical centers and university campuses, for example, benefit from wayfinding capabilities. Our Alta digital directories make wayfinding easy by dis-playing floor plan maps that show animated paths to a visitor’s highlighted destination. They also show campus maps that help guests navigate through multiple buildings.

Third, the location of the touchscreen directory kiosk needs to be considered. The new Alta models are sleek and stylish and come in four different colors – silver, bronze, white and black – to complement and combine with the decor of its surroundings. In addition, they are easy to install and don’t need to be bolted to the ground.

Lastly, it is extremely important to choose an interactive directory kiosk that complies with ADA regulations. For example, placing the highest operating point at or below the ADA height limit of 54 inches ensures that customers who use wheelchairs will have no problems using the directory. Our free-standing Alta models are all ADA compliant. Not only that, the height and tilt of the screen can be adjusted to make sure that every-one has screen visibility and ease of use.

 Whether you need a digital directory to help clients find their way, get in touch with a receptionist, read the latest headline news, or find out the weather, TouchSource’s Alta has got you covered.

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