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Elevate Patient Experience 

New generations of patients, transformational technologies and visionaries in health system and medical office building management are changing the way we experience healthcare.

With health spending in the U.S. at over $10k per person and rising, patients expect the best for their money. They want to trust their providers to give them the latest in healthcare. Often, they do judge the book by its cover. While patient satisfaction used to be optional, it’s now tied to reimbursements.

That’s why health systems and medical practices want to provide their patients with the best overall experience— from a welcoming and easy-to-navigate lobby to engaging waiting rooms and digitally-infused treatment experiences.

In our busy, technology-infused lives, we look for conveniences everywhere. We expect great service and easy access to information on-the-go. That information includes directions within the buildings we visit, nearby pharmacy and lunch options, and information on healthcare support groups, flu shot drives and other events.

And it needs to be delivered with simple, turnkey solutions that get you rolling fast with low effort, low upkeep and minimal starting costs. Did we mention that these solutions need to change with the times and needs of the populations being served?

Welcome to the age of activated spaces.

What We Offer

TouchSource delivers simple solutions for smart spaces that engage people. Our captivating digital displays and IoT-connected directory solutions improve the experience of patients and visitors and enable hospitals, medical systems, providers and clinical offices to deliver personalized, compelling experiences.

TouchSource ActiveSpaces™ is a complete portfolio of solutions, services and partnerships that deliver and support future-forward, tech-infused, affordable solutions for healthcare spaces.

Download our brochure to learn how we can deliver the digital directories and wayfinding you need, and collaborate to solve bigger business challenges through our software, solutions and partnerships.

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