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Tools for Selecting Video Walls

A video wall is a large digital canvas can transform a space. On top of being a directory, a video wall offers a compelling way to broadcast information and messaging to visitors and tenants. By adding such a display, buildings also can showcase digital artwork and motion scenery, creating an immersive experience.

If you’re planning to add a video wall on your property, there are some questions you’ll need to answer first. We put the top considerations for planning your video wall in a short video.

How to Plan Your Video Wall

Here are some helpful tips to get started on planning your video wall project.

1. DEFINE THE PURPOSE. How will your video wall be used? If you’re looking to add drama or local color to your property, you may use your video wall to engage visitors with curated digital art or motion graphic scenery. Or, you may realize the need to feature transit schedules, traffic or news to share. Whatever goal your video wall should accomplish, how it will be used should influence its size, shape and display technology.

2. CHOOSE THE LOCATION. Determine where you want to place your video wall. Consider the size of the space. Verify that there are outlets and power sources nearby to power your screen. Make sure the existing wall material will allow mounting of the unit.

3. SELECT TECHNOLOGY. Video walls come with either LCD or LED display technology. Choosing between an LCD or LED video wall display depends on several different factors. For example, if your content must be viewed from a close distance and you’ll be featuring detailed content, you’ll benefit from an LCD display. But, if your intent is to have a large indoor or outdoor display that can be viewed clearly from far away, an LED technology display is best suited for the job.

4. CHOOSE YOUR SHAPE. Decide if your video wall should be a standard size or a custom configuration. Designing a custom shape can be a compelling differentiator for buildings to compete for tenants in a post-pandemic economy. Creating an artful vibe adds a premium look and feel to spaces.

If you dream it, we can design it! Let our specialists at TouchSource help you see how a video wall can look in your space. Contact us for a short consultation call today. Or, browse our Video Wall Buyers Guide for project inspiration.

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