TouchSource Wellness Kiosk with Employee Screening

Create a Safer Experience for Every Shared Space 

TouchSource and Cleared4Work Partner to Aid in Safe Reopening of the Country

As part of an ongoing commitment to aid in the safe reopening of the US economy, TouchSource and Cleared4Work have united to launch a post-pandemic solution for getting people back to work with a first-to-market comprehensive screening, monitoring, and health check platform. The TouchSource and Cleared4Work partnership combines the in-building temperature and wellness solution of the TouchSource Taos wellness kiosk with the integrated mobile wellness platform of Cleared4Work to assure employee and safety as they shift from home back to the office.

Powerful Workplace & School Safety Solution

TouchSource’s Taos wellness kiosk offers temperature screening, touchless hand sanitizer and digital information displays as an all-in-one service. Clear4Work is integrated with the solution to ensure that employees pass a coronavirus health survey and onsite temperature screening before entering the workplace. Employers can safely and securely manage GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant information while assuring the public of the highest standards of safety. Together, these solutions reduce the risk of workplace shutdowns, and exposure of guests and customers to infected employees.

How It WorksTouchSource Wellness Kiosk with Employee Screening

Cleared4Work provides a digital screening survey designed and continuously updated by medical professionals that is then analyzed by a patent-pending algorithm to determine the viability of an individual to return to the office, the school, the event, or other similar venues. After an individual takes the initial survey, they will be reminded to provide a daily update to confirm any changes in their responses. If cleared for entry, the individual is provided with a mobile access pass to be scanned by the TouchSource kiosk. A secondary temperature screening is performed at the kiosk to ensure that employees are not running a high temperature and that data is stored in the HIPAA-compliant, secure database in the Cleared4Work platform.

Individuals who pass the screenings, scan a digital code from their mobile device into the kiosk for access to a building. If an individual fails either screening, their code changes to red flag them and denies access to the facility. They are then automatically messaged both on the screen and by their mobile device on what steps to take next. Together, these measures significantly reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure for healthy employees, students, customers and guests.

Future Proof for Post-Pandemic Value

The solution is future-proof in that screenings can be used for flu symptoms and other contagious illnesses for a safer workplace year-round. In addition, the platform is already integrated with health providers and testing labs for validation of vaccine and other immunity situations.  The TouchSource kiosk is a fully featured digital information station that can shift from temperature screening to proximity sensors post-pandemic. That allows workplaces to display rotating company messaging and marketing on the display. As people approach the unit, the sensor can switch the content to display workplace events, scan-to-mobile health insurance forms and gym memberships, volunteer signup QR codes, or any other interactive content that the company wants to promote.

TouchSource Taos Wellness Kiosk

TouchSource Wellness Kiosk with Employee Screening

  • Temperature Sensors & Discrete Notifications
  • Elegantly Designed Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • Adaptable & Relevant Digital Content Display

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