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We expect great service and easy access to information on-the-go. Post-pandemic, we expect that information to be available virtually, visually and with contactless options. Welcome to the age of activated spaces. Our simple solutions help you create smart spaces that engage people.

Directory Applications

Digital Building Directories
Contactless Directories
Scenic Backdrops
Digital Art

Entertain and engage visitors and tenants with exciting, visual, relevant information streamed to your TouchSource directory.

  • Tenant listings searchable by person, company or department
  • Turnkey content and hardware for a full range of commercial property needs
  • Change listings from any device with our cloud-based solution
  • Designed for business users
  • Add digital art or scenic backgrounds for a mesmerizing experience
  • Add premium digital content feeds for optimum visitor experience⏤includes sports, news, weather, amenities, transit information, traffic & more

TouchSource Contactless Suite

  • Contactless visitor and vendor check-in
  • Contactless messaging boards
  • Cloud-based, scan-to-mobile digital directory software
  • Mobile safety compliance
  • Social distancing workspace news & schedule boards
  • Live video remote monitoring of lobbies and spaces
  • Wellness kiosks with hand sanitizer & temperature sensing

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TouchSource Wayfinding

Get people where they’re going faster and with less stress.

  • Use digital wayfinding to provide directions
  • Let visitors easily explore your property and nearby amenities
  • Provide directions they can take with them using map-to-mobile capability

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TouchSource DynamicSpaces™

Live motion scenery that activates your space

  • Add a dramatic, live motion visual backdrop to your digital signage experience
  • Shape the mood in your lobby—from Zen to high energy to epic city landscapes
  • Works on digital displays of all sizes

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TouchSource ArtSpaces™

Inject excitement and drama into your lobby with unique, curated works of art

  • Display elegant works from artists across the country for a lobby they’ll talk about
  • Select the art that suits your style and rotate it to keep it fresh and exciting
  • Transparent overlays of content set the mood while delivering relevant info
  • 90% of the artwork isn’t available digitally anywhere else

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TouchSource Insights

Complete interaction insights into visitors, their interactions, demographics and more

  • Interaction, navigation, and content insights
  • Passive vs active viewer insights
  • IoT sensor analytics
  • Camera-based analytics

Wall Displays

The Industry’s Most Trusted and Widely Used Digital Wall Displays & Directories.

Beautiful, architecturally finished enclosures specially engineered to house your vivid digital displays and showcase your unique digital content. Perfect for displaying directories, interactive wayfinding and exciting news, art and content that engages visitors.

  • High resolution, flat panel LED displays with crystal sharp clarity.
  • Simple cloud-based portal for content updates to one or all of your TouchSource displays.
  • Standard sizes range from 22” to 75”—call for larger sizes and custom enclosure design options.
  • Touch screen or static options and horizontal or vertical aspect.
  • 2-year warranty is standard on all products with our enclosures. Learn more about our Extended Warranty
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Surface Mounted Wall Display – TouchSource Pantella

This option comes with active ventilation and locking mechanism for an easy-to-maintain and secure wall display.

Recess Mounted Wall Display – TouchSource Mirada

This display and enclosure options comes ready to install for flush mounting with your lobby architecture.

Slim-Line Stand Alone Digital Display – TouchSource Keystone

The TouchSource Keystone touch screen directory includes a slim look profile monitor. Designed for a simple, modern look that fits any space.

Video Walls

Killer Amenity without the Excessive Mark Up from Boutique Consultants

Add flair and function to any space. Bring an exciting, dramatic and eye-catching solution to your lobby or conference room for a dynamic designer experience.

  • Add exciting drama and premium value to your showcase spaces.
  • A perfect eye-catching solution for a busy lobby or conference room.
  • Video Walls display a full range of digital content, artwork, videos and messaging for a digital canvas that excites.
  • Choose one of our standard options or design your own shape and size with the highest quality design and hardware for a solution that will delight for years to come.
  • Save time, hassle and money by working with a trusted manufacturer. Why risk buying from boutique consultants who only do video walls once in a blue moon?
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Indoor & Outdoor Kiosks

Choose from a wide variety of elegant, architecturally refined indoor and outdoor kiosks. Our award-winning kiosks serve lobbies, campuses, shopping centers and outdoor community spaces with ease. From slim-line kiosks for large format kiosk for large spaces—we engineer the best content, software, hardware and enclosures so that you have turnkey performance. Our kiosks meet ADA requirements for wheelchair access. ​

  • Create visually stunning video walls with exciting art, dynamic videos and more.
  • Vivid, dynamic picture quality is designed for viewing at scale without loss of clarity.
  • Choose one of our popular standard options or design your own.
  • Our designers work with you on a design to maximize your wall for Instagram-worthy experiences.
  • Want something special? Our experts will customize to your vision and needs.


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Alta Freestanding Indoor Kiosk

The Alta is a thin profile, architecturally finished, single pillar freestanding kiosk.

Apex Freestanding Indoor Kiosk

Freestanding interactive kiosk with a streamlined curved architectural design treatment.

Frontier Outdoor Kiosk

Large format, freestanding large format outdoor kiosk. Ideal for outdoor malls, commercial real estate, hospitals, medical office buildings, college campuses.

Telluride Indoor Kiosk

Freestanding indoor kiosk with streamlined design. Industry-leading digital directories and, with touch screen option, interactive digital content. Meets ADA requirements for wheelchair access.

Steamboat Indoor Kiosk

Innovative, iPhone-like display with touch, non-touch or mixed touch options in this freestanding large indoor kiosk. Smart kiosk features with built-in sensors. Exciting side lighting makes this stand out. Ideal for mixed use spaces, commercial real estate, hospitals, medical office buildings, and college campuses.

Taos Indoor Kiosk with Hand Sanitizer & Temperature Sensors

Deploy a highly versatile digital display with temperature-checking capability and hand sanitizer during a public health crisis. 

Captivating Colors & Finishes

Captivate users and bring your brand to life. TouchSource units come in a vast array of colors, textures and design styles. Call to ask about options that suit your brand.

Conference Room Displays

Show visitors, tenants and employees what meetings are booked for a room or open space in the era of social distancing. Great for student study room, flex office space and co-working shared spaces. 

  • All-in-one package of visually-compelling, easy-to-use conference room software.
  • Show reservations for a specific room or space with an all-in-one sleek 10″  signage unit with artistic backgrounds for utility with style. 
  • Add a master calendar display option to show all of your rooms or space reservations on your lobby directory or digital meeting display board.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 so users can self-book or you can easily synchronize your master calendar seamlessly to your directories and signage.
  • Beautiful intuitive display enhances your building experience while communicating important room and space activities.
  • Better understand room utilization and efficiency through insights.
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Elevator Displays

  • Engage visitors with messaging, news, café menus and more while they’re in your elevator.
  • Update update easily from your laptop.
  • Have two-way communications during emergencies.
  • Vertical, horizontal, recessed and surface mount options available

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