Podcast | Transforming Your Spaces with Digital Art: An Interview with Jason Gracilieri, CEO of TurningArt

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Excerpts from the TouchSource ActiveSpaces™ podcast.

Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource: I’m sitting here with an exciting partner that we just added to the TouchSource ecosystem. Meet Jason Gracilieri, CEO of TurningArt. We recently announced an exclusive partnership which combines interactive digital displays together with digital art experiences from local artists. Welcome Jason!

Jason Gracilieri, CEO of TurningArt Thanks Ajay. We’re really excited to be working with TouchSource. Let me say a few words about TurningArt. We’re in our ninth year of bringing the work from independent and local artists to businesses and real estate nationwide. We do that in a 100% turnkey manner, which we like to call artwork as a service.

Ajay: What a great concept! When you speak to a building owner or a building operator, what’s appealing for them about artwork as a service?

Jason: Ultimately, we’re bringing more than just physical artwork into their spaces–we’re helping them create an experience. Very often, our clients want to engage with their community. Bringing local and independent artwork into their spaces can be a powerful way to do that. We help our clients find the right independent local artists and bring artwork of every shape and size into the space for the right mood and experience.

We offer a full range of artwork. We bring creative energy, ideas and imagery into spaces from a variety of artists in collaboration with clients. And, we do it in a way that makes it easy for everyone.

Ajay: You used the phrase “helping build community.” That was one of the major themes we’ve heard at recent conferences. It’s not enough to build great medical office buildings or modern commercial real estate. The best properties also contribute to a sense of community. So, when you think about the partnership what excites you about it?

Jason: We’re constantly refreshing spaces with new, physical artwork from local artists. It brings tremendous dynamism to spaces. The exciting thing that comes with digital projects is that it’s easier to experiment with artwork that might be a little outside of the norm. If you had to choose one piece forever, that’s one thing. But if you know something is only going to be up for a small period of time, you might try something more creative. That’s exciting for everybody. It’s more than just artwork that matches the furniture.

Ajay: Right, there’s a bit of freedom to experiment. Our first customer at 150 Spear in San Francisco has already started saying this this is an Instagram-worthy experience. Their tenants are now starting to take pictures of the art while posing in front it–as if to say, “hey, check out my building.” So, it helps that local art is creating community and generating these kinds of reactions. How do you go about picking the right art to deliver that experience?

Jason: Begin with the big picture. Think about the space and the experience that you want people to have. Then, consider the budget. We can be creative while working within your parameters. Next, consider which individuals—whether it’s tenants, employees or other potential clients—who will be coming through the space? What type of experience do you want them to have? How does that match with the broader story and design themes for the environment? That’s a great starting point for a conversation.

Ajay: That’s very consistent with what how we talk with our customers. We start with the end in mind. What messages, content and outcomes do you want to drive? Start with the end in sight and then work backwards. Otherwise, people can get side-tracked on whether they need a 55” or a 65” video wall. Ultimately, either size can be effective. But it comes down to what’s the right content mix and the right message for the visitors you seek to serve. In this case, what’s the right art? Well thanks for thanks for spending a few minutes with me.

Jason: Thanks Ajay. We’re thrilled to be working with you.

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