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TouchSource just came out with a state-of-the-art, freestanding outdoor kiosk. This model will upgrade the appearance of any exterior location, with its sleek design and 55” monitor. More importantly, it is a great long-term investment since it is designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme climates from -40 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Alta Frontier is perfect for heavy foot traffic areas from an amusement park in hot, humid Florida to a university campus in frigid New England. Its single or double-sided screens are sunlight readable and it even has a heating component to melt snow.

This outdoor electronic kiosk is the perfect interactive wayfinding solution for a host of open-air locations.


The benefits of adding an Alta Frontier outdoor kiosk to commercial office grounds are almost too numerous to mention! It can extend branding, signage and visitor engagement to the outdoor space and grab more eyeballs. It provides simple wayfinding to connect people to parking, transit or car/bike share locations thereby connecting each building to the environment and city around it. An outdoor kiosk can connect with smart city initiatives and the community with engaging, transit friendly, digital signage. Another Alta Frontier advantage is to provide variable parking signage to capitalize on events, such as ballgames, that may drive higher rates for parking.


The complex network of buildings of a healthcare facility can be an overwhelming challenge for visitors to navigate through – especially at a time when they are experiencing illness, stress or fatigue. Our outdoor digital directory can be a real lifesaver to patients trying to find their way through a perceived medical labyrinth, since it can show them a clear map with an animated path to a highlighted destination.


With several finishes available and the possibility for branding, the Alta Frontier can enhance the aesthetic of even the most luxurious retail shopping centers. If you need it installed, we’ve got you covered, and have an option for physical installation. Plus our outdoor digital kiosk is fully secure, with four lock points on the unit to keep the CPU and screen safe and protected.


College campuses can be large and confusing to navigate, so an outdoor electronic directory is ideal for student and visitor wayfinding. The Alta Frontier can also act as an interactive events calendar, provide informative notifications to students such as class cancellations, and even serve as a marketing tool for prospective students and their parents. Its LED backlight gives incredible, high contrast picture quality and low power consumption to boot!


An interactive outdoor directory kiosk is perfect for helping visitors find their way in large, open areas – especially if the visitor is looking for a specific landmark, monument or grave site. The Alta Frontier can also share the history of a location, provide an interactive memorial or feature notable individuals who are buried in a cemetery. Our kiosk is powered by TouchSource software running on an outdoor rated computer, and if bringing data is an issue, it has wireless connectivity available.


With a combination of a touch and non-touch screen, it allows visitors to find exactly where they want to go quickly and easily. It can also be used next to exhibits to give information about the animals, rides or the history of the location.

TouchSource recommends its Complete Care package for all outdoor kiosks to maintain and protect the asset for long-term success. Purchase of this package with the Alta Frontier outdoor kiosk assures continuous operation, upgrades its warranty and includes remote and onsite technical support.

The Touchsource Complete Care package includes:

  • Quarterly remote health check
  • 2-day advanced shipment (we ship a replacement immediately, with a pre-paid return of faulty equipment)
  • Annual onsite physical review, inventory validation, and component clean
  • Onsite technician included in service replacements
  • Unlimited telephone support during standard business hours
  • Access to a web portal for editing and daily backups
  • Annual graphics refresh for your system, by request (requires currently-supported Operating System)
  • Wireless connectivity with remote reboot capability (optional)

TouchSource has satisfied customers all across North America. Our service and support team is in Colorado and always just a toll-free call away. When you order from us, you can be confident you’re receiving the best service, support, and warranty in the industry.

Contact us today to find out more about our new Alta Frontier models!

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