How Touchscreen Kiosks Increase Patient Satisfaction

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Improve Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Wayfinding Solutions

For many patients, the experience of a hospital stay can be overwhelming. Even in the case of less severe conditions, facing medical care is rarely pleasant. As such, improving standards of care is a common objective for many medical facilities nationwide. This can mean anything from a few extra members on the nursing staff to better respond to patient complaints, to aggressive continuing education for physicians to improve treatment success rates. Facilities seeking to go above and beyond, however, should consider a new technological innovation in the field of medicine: touchscreens.

Technology and the patient experience

Technology has long been an important asset in the medical industry, reducing time, saving money, and improving patient outcomes. Many facilities spend significant amounts each year on upgrading and refining practices, taking on tasks ranging from installing a new and updated ERP system to purchasing state-of-the-art robotic surgery tools. With these kinds of innovations, care improves, helping healthcare professionals and patients alike to benefit from the opportunities available.

However, despite the many ways in which hospitals embrace technology, hospital navigation solutions have remained largely unchanged. When patients and family members enter the hospital, they are reliant upon printed, unchanging signs or time-consuming lines and conversations with a receptionist at the front desk. This can create confusion if language barriers exist, or if the available signage or reception resources do not provide adequate information.

How touchscreen solutions serve the patient community

Clearly, there is a great need for improvements in hospital wayfinding systems, but some hospitals are hesitant to move forward, choosing instead to invest in other areas of operations. However, embracing these opportunities can offer untold benefits for the patient population.

Touchscreen solutions have the ability to make a world of difference for patients in need, providing a way to improve both the patient and visitor experience. Instead of wandering aimlessly while stressed about a loved one’s medical condition or looking for a doctor who can provide care, a touchscreen for your medical facility can provide all relevant information at the tap of a finger. With interactive maps, it’s easy to see the layout of a hospital, the locations of available services, and clear, easy-to-interpret directions—all available in dozens of languages. This can immediately improve patient confidence; when visitors know where they need to go and how to get there, even a stressful situation can seem a little less overwhelming.

Improving patient satisfaction and privacy

Hospitals are not always fun places to be. Most people only visit when there’s something wrong with their own health or the health of a family member, creating a tense situation in an already high-stress environment. Some hospitals are extremely large, as well, spanning a whole city block and multiple floors. This can make navigation unexpectedly difficult. For many visitors, being in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable space makes the process of seeking care or visiting a sick loved one that much harder.

When patients enter a hospital, they want to know that help is immediately available. A touchscreen wayfinding system at the entrance drives this point home; within seconds, it’s possible to access extensive data about a hospital, its offerings, and its staff. A few simple touches can connect users with unparalleled information; anything a receptionist could convey is easily accessible through intuitive, user-friendly menus.

In addition, digital kiosk hospital systems offer enhanced privacy opportunities. Instead of discussing the reason for a visit with a security guard or receptionist, visitors can use a touchscreen kiosk to quickly evaluate floors and departments for fast and easy navigations without the need for disclosing anything personal. This can help patients and visitors feel more secure in a hospital atmosphere, especially if medical conditions or personal information may seem embarrassing.

Further, touchscreen kiosks for medical institutions are easy to use and affordable, offering amazing benefits without a significant investment. This means there’s less of an expense to pass on to patients, keeping costs of care comparatively low.

Improved hospital functionality

When you’re looking to address pain points in patient satisfaction and care, hospital wayfinding solutions are a cost-effective and easy opportunity for facility improvement. With the ability to offer significant advantages to patients in need, touchscreen kiosks for medical institutions can transform your hospital operations for the better. Call TouchSource to learn more about these innovative wayfinding solutions.

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