Fall “Stay Safe” Posters For Your TouchSource Directory

Author Christine Viera

Encourage Tenants & Visitors to Stay Safe This Fall

As we work to welcome everyone back into public spaces, there’s a scramble to provide public health and safety messaging among other operational re-opening plans. Here are hands-on tools that you can deploy to your TouchSource directory. If you don’t have our directories, we can still help you. Call us about adding a TouchSource Media player to your existing commercial display. It’s low cost and easy to plug in. Our software is well-known as the easiest to use in the industry. And we all need things to be easier now, more than ever.

Stay Safe This Fall Posters

To get you started, we created Stay Safe this Fall posters that you can display on your TouchSource directory. Current customers can log into the TouchSource Customer Portal and upload these posters via the Image Upload functionality available for the Slideshow capability in your account. Download the whole series with this Zip file, or copy the images below to your laptop. Images available in both horizontal and vertical aspects to fit any TouchSource display orientation.

Have your own posters and messages to display?

Great! Use the Image Upload functionality to keep the messaging on your display current. If you need to add Slideshow capability to your static directory or want us to manage your content for you, call us for options.

Want CDC Posters?

The CDC is a great source for current guidance on keeping surfaces and spaces clean. Information is regularly updated, so we recommend checking the site frequently. The CDC offers messages and posters for you to use as well. People are comforted to know that you’ve got their health at the top of your agenda.

Keeping Your Digital Building Directories Clean and Disinfected

Here are cleaning tips and products that we recommend for your TouchSource directory and signage.  Special care must be taken to protect your displays—e.g. never directly spray any screen with a cleaning solution. Only use recommended cleaning solutions and products.

Always-Current Safety Messaging

Deliver enhanced safety and employee services for new workplace and public space norms at the click of a button. Display mandatory public health and safety information throughout your building on your existing digital signage. If you don’t have a TouchSource, we can send you our media server to use with your existing commercial display so that you can easily update messages that change on a near daily basis. Our software is so simple, it takes little training and allows your employees to manage from any laptop or device with a browser. So you can keep messaging current whether you’re working from home or at your facility.

Publish messages in multiple languages and at whatever frequency you choose—daily, weekly or any interval. Better yet, capture compliance acknowledgment via visitor and tenant mobile devices. Update messages easily to keep in compliance by logging into the TouchSource customer portal and self-managing new content updates. Learn more about the complete suite of TouchSource Contactless Solutions.


Click on any poster to see and download it. Download all of them here.

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