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Virtual Mobile Tours That Will Spark Your Imagination

We help clients visualize how they can transform buildings, lobbies, and people’s experiences as part of our craft. Now, you can quickly get a sense of what our customers are doing across the industry and specific use cases via new interactive Google Stories. If you haven’t tried a Google Story yet, here’s your chance. It’s the quick, easy way to use your mobile device or laptop to spin through visual stories and snack bite of information without having to fill out a form, sit through a demo or spend a lot of time.

TouchSource’s Google Story Gallery

Haven’t heard of Google Stories yet? You will. “Google reports 100,000 new Web Stories are added to the search index on a daily basis,” according to SEJ Magazine. Why? Because it’s a simple, easy way to discover ideas and content without running the guantlet of marketing lead forms and discovery meetings when you’re doing early research on a project.

See something that struck a chord? Let us show you even more. We’re happy to share customer trends, project pictures and even mock up a visual for you. Just call, chat or email us at





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