Cost and Time Savings of Installing a Touchscreen Directory

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The challenges in traditional directories

Few businesses maintain physical directories available to all guests, choosing instead to employ a receptionist or hanging signs. Some malls and other retail outlets offer posted maps and store look-ups, but even this is startlingly uncommon.

Traditional directories are often static or require human interaction, making it challenging to access necessary information. For example, digital maps in malls often fail to offer customization, limiting users to a still image of the mall rather than showing floor-by-floor breakdowns or details about tenants. For buildings without directories at all, visitors are forced to interact with building employees or fend for themselves if no one is available.

These situations are inherently problematic, immediately lessening the visitor experience and harming retention and potential revenue for affected stores and businesses.


Why touchscreens make sense

Instead of restricting the information available, why not go above and beyond? With a touchscreen directory, you can create a winning experience for visitors and employees alike, offering must-have information at the touch of a button.

Touchscreen directories are designed to provide as much information as possible in a user-friendly way, keeping everyone who enters your building connected. Fully customizable and easily programmable, you can document the information visitors need to know, as well as other fun details, tips, and tricks that enhance the user experience. Your directory can be tailored to the specific needs of your building to best exceed expectations, offering instant access to information. Directories can include:

  • Building maps and directions
  • Weather
  • Local news and stock tickers
  • Transit information
  • Traffic conditions
  • Area amenities
  • Event calendars
  • Social media highlights

In addition, placement of directories can also be customized as needed, depending on the limitations of your space. Units can be wall-mounted or attached to a stand on the floor, offering an ideal experience.

Cost savings with touchscreen directories

Touchscreen directories offer amazing information about any building, but for many landlords or management companies, this is only a secondary benefit. The most compelling options? Time and cost savings.

Instead of placing a staff member at the desk to assist visitors and building tenants, a directory does the hard part, providing accurate information at the touch of a button. Users can scroll through extensive data in a matter of seconds, shaving precious minutes off the time it would take for a receptionist to look through files and provide specific building details. Personnel also may not have access to additional information—like weather, transit details, and stock prices—that a directory can easily provide.

Installation is a one-time expense; a receptionist receives a salary and expenses, driving up overhead costs in an unnecessary way. Eliminating building door staff can save you thousands each year, providing more funds that can be used for building maintenance and security.

Add benefits to your building

When you want to take your building to the next level, access to touchscreen directories can do exactly that. With customized resources for hospitals, commercial offices, apartment buildings, and retail complexes, it’s easy to upgrade any business. Explore the multiple options available through TouchSource or get in touch today to learn more.

Install a touchscreen directory today!

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